Maxime Figula

Maxime Figula

Communications Manager

Animated until then by exploring the surrounding cultural and artistic sectors, Maxime strives to combine this passion with his skills in communication and event coordination.

To do this he has volunteered since six years to various associations and cultural projects close to his heart (SMART association, collective Asymetrik Kultur, workshop 38 Quai Notre Dame, Association cabaret made in Roubaix …).

Meanwhile, in order to overcome the economic dictates of daily life, Maxime occasionally performs freelance missions of communication and event management via the Asymetrik Communication agency. Agency created under the status of French auto-entrepreneur.

Determined to complete his panel of knowledge, and to extend its expertise to the field of research and consulting, he recently resumed the studies through the Master degree “Internal & External Communication” in the Unit of Training and Research of DECCID Roubaix. Research memory and work placement are therefore his current leitmotifs!

Currently in Transcultures as communication manager for six months, Maxime strives to maintain and increase generally the visibility of the association on its territory and its field of activity, while focusing parallel in managing the communication operations for the 2015 edition of the City Sonic festival.