16.10.2020 | Falling Human – Thomas Israël @ Lumen#5 festival

16.10.2020 | Falling Human – Thomas Israël @ Lumen#5 festival

Thomas Israël (digital artist, visual artist, performer from Brussels) is the winner of a call for projects launched this Summer 2020 by the Maison de la Marionnette and Transcultures for the creation of an original work combining digital, scenic and puppet arts.

Presented in Tournai in a first installation and performance stage of creation, ‘Falling Human’ is described by its designer as follows:

“From the fall of a particular human to the fall of a certain idea of our civilization, the falling human makes me think about our condition, the fragility of our “upright” position, as much from a physical, psychological as societal point of view. He challenges me organically, starting from the story of the little human who tries to stand up, going through the wounded human struggling to rise up, to the history of Homo Sapiens rising to its disembodiment, replacement, fall or annihilation.”

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