Album | No Lockdown Transonic Sessions – Spring 2021

This second series of online “chamber” sessions (see the first Winter session 2020-21 Album) commissioned by Transcultures and the Transonic label to sound creators of various aesthetics (electronics, sound art, sound poetry, post rock, ambient, field recording, improvisation…) but all adventurous practices honors singular artists based in Belgium (Gauthier Keyaerts, Maja Jantar, Paradise Now…), in France (Mathias Delplanque who composed the first piece for these Transonic Spring Sessions), Silvain Vanot…) and also international references (including a solo session of Martyn Bates, singer, co-founder of the British duo Eyeless in Gaza in the early 80s).

This desire to support both new talents, human meteorites and pioneers of these creative sounds is at the heart of the approach of the indie label Transonic produced by Transcultures, since its creation in 2012. It joins here the No Lockdown Art initiative launched by Transcultures and the European Pepinieres of Creation during the first global anti-Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020 and the willingness of the partners to use the Internet to support and make these differentiated audio creations available to as many curious people as possible.

No Lockdown Art

Within the framework of its new Creaconnections program, Transcultures, in partnership with the European Pepinieres of Creation, launched the No Lockdown Art – #NoLA2020 action to support the re-activitism of Belgian and international artists who initiated, during the period containment, interesting audio, video, multimedia projects online and freely disseminate their singularities and poetic glances to the curious connected.

In this sadly unique period (but likely to herald other disasters), many artists of all origins refused the quarantine of the shared expression. They express both a need to connect with another (connected) audience and to get out of both fear and paralysis as well as from the “all in the ego”.

Desiring to join this libertarian dynamic and give support and visibility to differentiated works online, Transcultures has launched a support program open to artists for short, medium or long term projects. In addition, in partnership with the European Pepinieres of Creation, a call for No Lockdown Art (#NoLA2020)  projects was successfully launched in mid-April 2020. This initiative was aiming and still is to actively support many initiatives of artists and designers of cultural projects. Their creativity -stimulated by the turbulences of our viral world – is precious to them and to us!