03.06.2023 | Songs from a vacant apartment | L’imprimerie (Liège – Be)

03.06.2023 | Songs from a vacant apartment | L’imprimerie (Liège – Be)

Songs From a Vacant Apartment’ offers an intimate audio lounge bringing together small sound, poetic, choreographic and hybrid forms of international artists, open to all audiences.

Remembering the description of the surrealist André Breton, “a sound apartment whose parquet floor is an immense pedal and where the thunderbolts upset from time to time the silverware”, the guest creators invest, in a friendly atmosphere, the first floor of a former printing plan converted into artists’ studios and apartments, with site specific  performances,  in proximity with visitors.

Hasan Alp Çelikel (Tk/Lt) + Kotrina Žilinskaitė (Lt)

“Tree Stories”

An excerpt from this multidisciplinary performance (dance, poetry, sound) “in progress” (initiated during a European Pépinières residency by Kotrina Žilinskaitė, Hasan Alp Çelikel  and Paradise Now  in a natural Lithuanian environment in the Summer 2022) inspired by timeless poetry and the mystical power of raw nature embodied by the tree.

‘Tree Stories’ anchors itself in this strong experience through the movement of performers and sound, evoking different times and signs of nature and the ever-changing, adapting world of these life-creating trees.

Hasan Alp Çelikel – repared guitar (improvised prologue)
Kotrina Žilinskaitė – dance, voice
Paradise Now – electronics

Isa*Belle + Paradise Now (Fr/Be)

A vibratory journey both refocusing and celestial, improvisation using Tibetan bowls and other ritual audio objects but also electronic, vocal and guitar soundscapes.

singing bowls, handpan, gong, voice, guitar, electronics

Tommy Lawson (Tg/Fr)

Bega (Sonic Scapes)

Electronic soundscapes and field recordings from the album ‘Bega (Sonic Scapes)’ released on the Transonic label in early 2023 with pieces taken from nomadic, contextual and urban projects led by sound designer/artist Tommy Lawson (Bastia) in Corsica, Romania and Morocco.

électronics, field recording

ordinaire (Eric Therer + Stephan Ink - BE)

Tales from an emptied bedroom

A dreamlike and intimate narrative constructed from documents found in a bedroom previously occupied by a kleptomaniac tenant (also suffering from Dyogen syndrome) who was judicially evicted. This text, created for the occasion, is accompanied by an ambient soundtrack.

The public is invited to listen to it while lying on large cushions, in the darkness of the room.

reading, electronic

No Lockdown Videos (sélection)

sound videos (in a loope) made during the lockdown Covid-19 years featuring : Pastoral (Huba), Prism (Top Budget) , Theo Carlino & Tommy Moucheron (Membrum) , A Limb (Cosmic Invertebrate Mindfuck) , Marc Veyrat/ Société i Matériel (Alice / i-REAL monde 4, Alain Wergifosse (Flux & Densités), ordinaire/Jonas Luycks (Traitement), Kotrina Zilinskaité (Glimpse of Light).

As part of the Creaconnexion – No Lockdown Art program, initiated by Transcultures and the European Pepinieres of Creation