Jacques Urbanska

Jacques Urbanska

Projects manager

Media Arts and Art(s) & Network(s) projects manager and Assistant Artistic Director, he is involved in the development of projects related to digital arts. He assists the artistic director in his daily tasks and brings his expertise and support as well in the creation of records, the implementation of the various Transcultures programs but also as a curator. He provides Transcultures web presence and strengthens its network over the Internet.

He is also

Actor and director by training, his research has questioned the conventional theater stage as the only possible place of performance, the individual’s relationship to the viewer, the spectator’s perception and the notion of post-dramatic theater. His projects are event-driven, shows in modules, ambulatory.

In 2007, he has focused more specifically on performance and media arts. His projects range from multimedia performance to network arts.

Since 2010, he has built a huge information network on media arts (artsnumeriques.bearts-numeriques.info@arts_numeriquesProcessing_org), but also on various political and social themes (Belgique_infofukushima_actu RN_PASofficielOccupyWomenoccupy_USA…). In 2021, he is launching a science fiction watch on Twitter via the SF_Imaginaire account, but also the ScienceFiction_Fr sub on the Reddit network and analyzes the relationships between the arts and science fiction literature.