01.06>07.06.2015 – Workshop + Expo Systaime @Mons2015 – Transcultures

01.06>07.06.2015 – Workshop + Expo Systaime @Mons2015 – Transcultures

As part of his residency at Transcultures in Mons, the French net/AV artist-remixer Systaime (founder of spamm.fr, French Trash Touch, Docteur Booboo/Arte Creative…) proposes a workshop session based on the concept of avatar and reinterpretation of a famous Mons symbol which is the monkey. Participants will be invited to produce a collective digital work , through the synergy of their work on this theme.

check Systaime@Mons2015-Transcultures work in progress: mons-et-merveilles.art3d0t0.com

It is still possible to participate to this workshop (open to everybody) if you show some real motivation, meet the artist on Sunday at 2pm at Transcultures residency house, 1, place des Martyrs, Mons.

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