24 > 28.06. 2019 | Digital and sound emergences @ Arts2 – Mons

24 > 28.06. 2019 | Digital and sound emergences @ Arts2 – Mons

Transcultures in complicity with the Visual Arts School of Mons Arts2 launched a decade ago, the program ‘Digital and Sound Emergences’, which offer two workshops in the year (the first in January and the second before the Summer holidays) to art students & young intermedia talents who can develop their sound and / or intermedia / digital projects accompanied by an artist-coordinator (like Stéphane Kozik, sound and multimedia artist, graduated from the School of visual arts of Mons, who has supervised several workshops ‘Emergences’ the years previous ones), the Arts2 teachers (IDM-Image in the space and Digital Arts departments) and the Transcultures team.

In the end of this second workshop (the first one was in January 019), the best projects will be presented at the festival City Sonic in November 019 or / and another partner event of Transcultures. Participants: Thibault Danhaive, Thibault Droullion, Paul Pirotte, Emmanuel Da Costa, Antoine Bouvaly, Léa Roger, Maxime Van Roy.


  • Partnership Transcultures, Arts2