13.05.2023 | Sonic Spheres [Audio tribute to Pol Bury] – Album + CD & Booklet | Transonic Label (Be)

CD Album + Booklet | Sonic Spheres (Audio tribute to Pol Bury) | Transonic Label (Be)

As part of the events organized in La Louvière to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Pol Bury (1922-2005), Transcultures commissioned several sound creators (of various adventurous aesthetics) from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to produce a piece freely inspired by the work and the universe of this visionary multi-creator of Louviéroise origin who had his double Ernest Pirotte write, in the “Journal d’un Faiseur” in 1952, “It happens to me on certain days to believe myself to be more of a musician than visual artist”.

Indeed, the processes and series explored by Bury in his visual work such as softening, kinetics, punctuations and his passion for slow movement evoke effects or techniques used in contemporary sound creation.

“Sonic Spheres” is inspired by  the material, sculptural and kinetic explorations as well as the poetic, surreal and pataphysical writings of this indisciplinary artist and genius inventor.

This compilation features new pieces by : Charlemagne Palestine + Lionel Hubert, Todor Todoroff, Charo Calvo, Raymond Delepierre, Isa*Belle + Paradise Now, Pak Yan Lau, Pastoral, Didié Nietzsche (featuring Maja Jantar & Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg), Alain Wergifosse.

The “Sonic Spheres” album is available in CD format (including a 20-page booklet presenting the works, with poetic fragments around Pol Bury and visuals by Christophe Bailleau) and download on the bandcamp of the Transonic label.


  • Transcultures, Transonic Label – in partnership with the European Pepinieres of Creation
  • Photo cover : Zeinab Saab (‘Hadith El Layl’/’Sayings of the night’)
  • Biba Sheikh would like to thank: Philippe Franck, Didié Nietzsche, Isa*Belle, Jacques Urbanska, Khaldoun Zreik and the Europia Productions team, Bogie, Hans Christian, Maha Sheikh, Debora Totti, Lisa Jendza, Zeinab Saab, Extinction Rebellion, WJZZ TV & Radio.
  • transcultures.betransonic.bepepinieres.eu