CD | City Sonic 2019-20 Winter Sessions | Sound Art Catalogue

CD | City Sonic 2019-20 Winter Sessions | Sound Art Catalogue

The ‘alter label’ Transonic presents the audio catalogue of the 16th edition of the international festival of sound arts City Sonic (Winter Sessions for 2019-20) passing through various Belgian cities: Louvain-la-Neuve, Braine L’Alleud, Brussels, Wavre.

These 25 pieces by international artists which are also autonomous on disc (and download) edited by Philippe Franck (founder/director of City Sonic), show the effervescence (90 artists for this edition) and the diversity of this itinerant « manifestasound » initiated by Transcultures in 2003.

With : Gauthier Keyaerts | aMute | Thècle Joussaud – Myriam Lambert – Sonia Cotten – Elizabeth Anderson | Léo Kupper | Félix Blume | Maja Jantar | Petrichor – Iancu Dumitrescu – Reinhold Friedl – Ana-Maria Avram | Hyperion Ensemble – Bruno Letort | Ghédalia Tazartès – Etenesh Wassié – Paradise Now | Perrine Estiennes – Laurie Bellanca – Stephan Dunkelman + Maurice Charles JJ – Charo Calvo | Maïa Blondeau | Christophe Bailleau | Franck Soudan | – Daniel duchamP | Antoine Boute + Vincent Matyn | Ludovic Medery | VTGK | Vincent Tholomé – Isa Belle + Paradise Now | Giovanni Fortenio – Andreas Trobollowitsch | Raphaël Vens | Alain Wergifosse | Yoshihiro Hanno…

‘To listen, to hear a territory by walking it, by pacing it. To share audio-kinesthetic experiences, auricular sociabilities. To bring out collective sensitivities, landscape amenities, audio-sociability… To summon aesthetic, ecosophical, political, ethical… gestures. Put our listening in the heart of a sensitive experience, a mix of soundscapes in perpetual reconstruction, to participate in an involved research.‘ (Gilles Malatray/desartsonnants)