12 > 13.05.2022 | AN DOMHAN Fictional HyperHeritage ©eUX-QUI-®EST | Hassan II University (Ma)

12 > 13.05.2022 | AN DOMHAN Fictional HyperHeritage ©eUX-QUI-®EST | Hassan II University (Ma)

In this dark and troubled time when the Black Death has once again spread from Middle-earth to the end of the world — like an in/visible fog (-! visible!-) — the legend AN DOMHAN XR (project by Gaëtan Le Coarer) resonates once again at the gates of our imaginations.

AN DOMHAN XR is a virtual and augmented reality adaptation of an Irish Celtic legend. Two individuals who personify two main characters from the legend The Tragic Death of the Tuireann Children (Oidhe Chloinne Tuireann). The latter ‘is part of Irish pagan mythology, notably translated in its modern version by the linguist Christian-Joseph Guyonvarc’h. […] It depicts the divinities of the tribe of Dana (Thuatà de Dannan), founding divinities of Irish mythology. These gods with warrior values ​​and for some with magical powers are brought together in several stories and several battles.

Co-writing between Marc Veyrat (lecturer in the Hypermedia Communication Department of Savoie Mont-Blanc University), Ghislaine Chabert (University Professor of Information and Communication Sciences at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University) and Gaetan Le Coarer (PhD student (PhD ) Information and Communication Sciences & Art Sciences – Savoie Mont-Blanc University).

HyperHeritage International Symposium - HIS 7

Human societies are full of an immense reservoir of tangible and intangible heritage, the reality of which is intrinsically correlated with the evolution of these societies for a very long time. Some of these heritages have crossed and resisted time, leaving tangible traces, the case of buildings, when others have disappeared for various causes and become unknown or simply endangered.

More ephemeral, fragile and difficult to define, intangible heritage, according to Unesco, encompasses traditions or living expressions inherited from our ancestors and transmitted to our descendants, such as oral traditions, performing arts, social and cultural practices, festive rituals, knowledge and know-how…