27.04 > 14.05.2023 | Augmented reality tour ]P P P[ XR Bury – La Société iMatériel (Fr/Be) | La Louvière (Be)

] P P P [ – XR Bury pays tribute to the inventiveness of Pol Bury, a multidisciplinary and visionary creator (from Surrealism to Kinetic Art), and highlights emblematic works and locations of his presence in the Louvière area.

It allows for a playful and poetic connection between several locations in the city center from April 27th to May 14th.

] P P P [ reaffirms both the importance of the connection between Pol Bury and his hometown and the inventiveness and exigency of this artist in embracing technological tools that question the current relevance of Art and its engagement in everyday life.

This augmented reality will be accessible in the city through Black and White ] P P P [ and ] . . . [ posters that will allow anyone with a mobile phone to discover a free, visual, and sonorous artistic interpretation of selected works by Pol Bury, spatialized at 360°.

A demo phase will be tested with the participants of the “Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence – XR Bury” symposium at the Maison des Associations on April 27th and 28th, 2023.

The i Material Society is Marc Veyrat – design/images, Gaëtan Le Coarer – design/images, Jonathan Juste – programming/design, Paradise Now – poetic and sound creation.