25.06 > 10.09.2023 | Transcultures @ ARTour – Contemporary Art and Heritage Biennial 2023 (Be)

With the title “In between Worlds”, this 14th edition invites you to discover works from all disciplines that question the notions of concrete or imaginary territories, intermediate spaces, elusive borders, singular dimensions… So many parallel worlds – real or abstract, secular or expectant – to which contemporary artists, and they alone, can give us access. And for good reason: current production continually imposes itself as a world apart. A place of astonishment, curiosity, questioning. A universe that is both distant and to which we are intimately linked.

By exploring the edge of these auxiliary worlds, meeting their extraordinary inhabitants, we can observe and understand our norms, probe the question of otherness, take a critical look at our society.

Combining exhibitions and installations, the ARTour Biennial offers a stopover in nine emblematic places in the Center region, from La Louvière to Braine-le-Comte, via Bois-Du-Luc, Écaussinnes and Soignies. No pre-established itinerary, curiosity rules!

Régis Cotentin - Slyder

Kika Nicolela - I don't remember much about her

Transcultures à la Biennale ARTour 2023

At Centrissime (in the centre of La Louvière), in addition to the exhibition of the work of Arthur Delhaye, the sound artist and sound designer, Tommy Lawson offers the fruit of his creation residency at La Louvière with “From one world ( SOUND) to another”. A geolocated route, in the center of La Louvière, which links mini-stories like so many sound “postcards”. The Society i Material offers the augmented reality course ]PPP[ – Pol Pipoling Project, initiated, in a first phase, on the occasion of the events of the centenary of the birth anniversary of the multidisciplinary artist born in La Louvière, Pol Bury.

At the Mining and Sustainable Development Museum (Bois-du-Luc), ARTour multiplies the proposals. The first three of a contemplative nature: Manon Bouvry transcribes in multiple nuances what nature offers to see and feel; Régis Cotentin invites us, through his audiovisual installation ‘Slyder’, to a dreamlike dive halfway between the waking dream and the unconscious dream; Camille Dufour creates apocalyptic universes where nature as much as human beings suffer the ravages of our lifestyles. Entitled “La Volière”, the video installation, undoubtedly sculptural, imagined by André Goldberg presents a series of videographies in bird cages on pedestals. In direct contact with the ecological awakening, the transdisciplinary approach led by Cécile Massart explores the modes of transmission of the memory of radioactive waste sites in the landscape through artistic practices. Brazilian artist and curator Kika Nicolela offers a selection of digital artworks (see below), all broadcast on NFT. A phenomenon that fuels our curiosity. Unclassifiable visual artist, Maxime Van Roy questions the accumulation of layers of sediments deposited at the bottom of the oceans (they change into water). Before concluding, Elodie Wysocki questions the notions of otherness. Fascinated by monstrous, fallen and banished figures, the artist feeds her plastic approach with creatures straight out of stories and myths.

In addition to these exhibitions, Transcultures also offers sonopoetic performances on September 3 (4 p.m.) at Château Gilson with (do.space) – the visual/performance artist Dominique Vermeesch with his sound accomplice daniel duchamP and the ordinary duo (the performer/poet Eric Therer with the musician Stephan Ink.

Tommy Lawson - D’un monde (sONore) à l’autre

Société i Materiel - PPP

Digital Dreams - Kika Nicolela - Artists List

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