29.08.2022 | Systemet (Be/It) – sound performance | YIAP Brussels (Be)

29.08.2022 | Systemet (Be/It) – sound performance | YIAP Brussels (Be)

YIAP Brussels present Systemet, a feedback-drone duo using self-built synthesizers. Their sound is a merge of lowercase ambient and improv noise, usually deployed through a portable octophonic sound system.

Systmet (Be/It)

Systmet is Björn W Jauss, a Belgian modular expert and synth designer, and E. Luciano an Italian hiker and psychogeographer, both devoted to the darkest realms of drone music.

Founded in Sweden in 2018 it takes inspiration from treks in northern Scandinavia, which is the theme of the first album “När Vintern Kommer Till Sverige”, released by Lonktaar on tape and COdA fanzine on CD.

Merging their sounds with environments across Europe, they can be found playing from the banks of the river Thames up to the peaks of the Apennines, from graveyard towers to improv jazz clubs.

YIAP - Ypres Interactive Art Project Brussels

The YIAP is a space initiated by the artist PETERMFRIESS for events and workshops for creative and experimental arts.

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