31.10.2023 | Workshop Circuit Bending – Xavie Gazon (Be) | Espace Ockeghem (Saint-Ghislain)

31.10.2023 | Workshop Circuit Bending – Xavie Gazon (Be) | Espace Ockeghem (Saint-Ghislain)

A circuit bending workshop is an opportunity to discover the art of short-circuiting sound toys, looking for connections on the internal circuit to find hidden sounds and then adding components as they are discovered.

Equipped with a soldering iron, wires and buttons, participants create unique and original musical instruments in a fun way from small toys that they can customize, interface, divert and modify like a puzzle (or exquisite corpse) and all this without prior knowledge of electronics.

This will be an opportunity to discover the equipment, the concepts with a little practice to embark on the Do-It-Yourself adventure of digital and analog electronic violin making with one of the pioneers in the field.

Xavier Gazon (Be)

Xavier Gazon is an electronic music composer and artist-maker specializing in digital and analog sound interfaces. It is from recycled or diverted objects that Xavier Gazon invents his extraordinary instruments.

Children’s toys or printer parts abandoned in the street form the basis of his creations and his imagination. He is one of the pioneers of circuit bending in Europe, the art of short-circuiting, the purpose of which is to transform the electronic circuits of a sound toy into a musical instrument or random sound generator.

Through his electropop musical project Playboy’s Bend and the various workshops, he introduced this art to a wider audience during numerous concerts in various capitals of Europe and released two albums. The two main axes of his artistic approach are creation by controlled accidents, theorized by John Cage and Zen, as well as the reconciliation of themes which a priori are opposed: man/machine, science/art, emotions/electronics…