20 > 24.01.2024 | Travelling Souls Residency – Maja Jantar (Nl/Fi) + Paradise Now (Fr/Be) | Transonic Lab – Hautrage (Be)

20 > 24.01.2024 | Travelling Souls Residency – Maja Jantar (Nl/Fi) + Paradise Now (Fr/Be) | Transonic Lab – Hautrage (Be)

One after their residency in the Transonic Lab and two and a half years after the release of their first EP “Transonic Delta” (on the Transonic label), the vocalist-performer Maja Jantar and the sound creator Paradise Now find themselves this time at the convent of Hautrage (near Mons, Belgium)  newly invested by Transcultures to install its Transonic Lab (with the help of sound and visual artist Alain Wergifosse).

Together they will continue to record material based sometimes on vocal, guitar, electronic improvisations… or soundscapes, sometimes on multilingual poetic texts to finalize their first album, which is scheduled for release in 2024.

On the other hand, they will also take visual sources to put together traveling images associated with those taken in the Finnish countryside  where Maja Jantar is now based and soon with others captured in Bastia during the Zone Libre festival where they will premiere their audio-visual performance ‘Travelling Souls’.

Maja Jantar (Nl/Fi)

Maja Jantar is a multilingual, multidisciplinary and polysonic vocal artist whose work spans the fields of performance, musical theater, poetry and visual arts (ceramics, painting, video). Co-founder of the group Krikri, she has given solo and collaborative performances throughout Europe. She has been working on poetic sound works since 1995.

From 2001 to the present, Maja has conducted around ten operas, including Claudio Monteverdi’s classic Incoronatione di Poppea and Salvatore Sciarrino’s contemporary Infinito Nero. His poetry has been published in various publications (including Zieteratuur – concrete envisuale poëzie and EOROPOE – an anthology of European poets), and his visual work has been shown in several international exhibitions. She also took part in the group exhibition La Voix Libération at the Palais de Tokyo (Fr). Finally, she continues to collaborate with Belgian poets (including – regularly – Vincent Tholomé) and foreign poets (Angela Rawlings, Steven J. Fowler…) and sound and interdisciplinary artists (including Paradise Now).


Paradise Now (Fr/Be)

Under the name Paradise Now, Philippe Franck has been developing, since the early 1990s, a multifaceted artistic journey in a forward-looking and willingly collaborative approach. He has produced numerous choreographic music, exhibitions, interdisciplinary performances, videos (notably for Régis Cotentin, Hanzel & Gretzel and Thomas Israel), multimedia devices (with digital artists, Philippe Boisnard, Marc Veyrat, art2network).

In 2014, Philippe Franck co-directed the film Bernard Heidsieck, poetry in action (which was also the subject of the DVD book-set Variations on Bernard Heidsieck).

In addition to its collaborations with the holistic performer Isa*Belle (several installations and body/sound performances since 2005), Paradise Now also works with the electronic musicians Christophe Bailleau (the duo Pastoral), Gauthier Keyaerts (within Supernova), Stephan Dunkelman, Didié Nietzsche, the vocalist/performer Maja Jantar as well as several poets (including Ira Cohen, Gerard Malanga, Werner Moron, Eric Therer, Catrine Godin, Habiba Sheikh…).