Newsletter March 2013

Newsletter March 2013

In March, Transcultures shows the result of the last interdisciplinary residencies of the European project M4m (M for mobility) in Mons and organizes a workshop in this context questioning the links between culture and creative industries. We are also invited by the festival Ars Musica to present City Sonic installations and by the Month of the Poetry in Quebec for the first part of Les Transatlantiques, a series of poetry-music exchanges initiated with Rhizome Productions. About the art of crossing borders!

14 & 15.03.2013
Workshop M4m@Transcultures
From culture to creative industries…

Mons > Mundaneum + Numediart


Transcultures, interdisciplinary centre for digital and sound cultures invites Belgian and European partners and professionals of the cultural sphere to participate to the M4m-M for mobility (European project supported by the European Commission-Culture Programme) workshop in Mons on March 14-15, 2013. The aim is to share experiences and perspectives on the topic “from culture to creative industries: which mutations for artistic production?” in relation with the issues of M4m projects (organization and development of artistic residencies nowadays; mobility of artists, culture professionals and art works in our digital age and a changing economy…).

  • Free entrance
  • 14.03 – from 10:30, Mundaneum, 76 rue de Nimy, Mons
  • 15.03 –from 9:30, Numediart (Faculté Polytechnique de Mons), 31 Boulevard Dolez, Mons
  • please confirm your attendance to or + 32(0)65 590889

M4m@Transcultures multimedia event
Paulo Dos Santos + Pao Paixao
+ Phil Maggi,
Régis Cotentin, Very Mash’ta

Mons > La Médiathèque > 19:30


To conclude the final artistic residencies of the European project M4m (M for mobility) in Mons, Transcultures proposes an AV installation Circumscribe and dive by Paulo Dos Santos + Pao Paixao (+ screening) who collaborated with multimedia programmer-artist Jacques Urbanska as part of their ongoing project O. The installation becomes a performance with live music by Phil Maggi. In addition, a new video of Regis Cotentin also premiered as part of a residence M4m Mons, Fade into you out and a groovy alter electro set by Very Mash’ta (aka Gauthier Keyaerts).

Production: Transcultures
M4m is supported by the European Commission (EAC-Culture Programme)
Special thanks : La Médiathèque/Le manège.mons, Fondation Mons 2015, Philippe Meunier, Lucie Fournier.

Ars Musica
Installations City Sonic @Marelle

Bruxelles > Maison de la Création > 16:00 & 20:00


The international festival of contemporary music Ars Musica invites Transcultures to present 3 City Sonic installations : Arnaud Eeckhout + Sébastien Herickx (Pingsong), Baudouin Oosterlinck (Instruments of listening), Nicolas d’Alessandro Aura Pon + Johnty Wang (Chorus / Quod / Fundit). This original nomadic event called Marelle also features 30 short music pieces (by Luciano Berio, Jonathan Harvey, Ligeti, John Cage, Fausto Romitelli, Thierry De Mey, Baudouin Jaer, …) performed by students of the conservatories and professionals.

  • 8€ – 5€
  • Maison de la création – Centre culturel Bruxelles Nord, Place Emile Bockstael – 1020  Bruxelles

Supernova live
21 & 23.03
Les Transatlantiques (longs courriers)

Québec > Mois de la Poésie > Le Cercle


Result of an exchange initiated by Rhizome Productions (Quebec) and Transcultures (Mons), Les Transatlantiques invite adventurous author-performers (Hervé Bouchard, Jean-Marc Desgent, Sebastian Dicenaire, Werner Moron) and musicians (Martin Tétreault, Érick of Orion Keyaerts Gauthier, Stephan Ink) from Quebec and the Federation Wallonia-Brussels to create together 4 audio poetic performances. The first phase will be presented on 21 and 23 March at Festival Le Mois de la Poésie, after a first residency at Rhizome. Also invited in Quebec by this great festival, Brussels duet Supernova (Philippe Franck + Gauthier Keyaerts) will perform a new audio-organi-poetic set on March 19.

Production : Rhizome Productions, Transcultures avec le soutien du Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec et de Wallonie Bruxelles International.

Transcultures also advices

Laura Colmerales Guerra
+ Todor Todoroff

Bruxelles > Brigittines > 20:00


This interactive audiovisual performance which was first presented at the Digital Music Days (JIM) in Mons in collaboration with festival Les Transnumériques in 2012, is a journey through different states, moving the border between the real and dream worlds. The musician-composer Todor Todoroff and videographer Laura Colmenares Guerra explore hybrid territories. With Belgian cellist Sigrid Vandenbogaerde, they perform live mixing acoustic, electroacoustic and video. evanescens draws the viewer in an uncertain world, a disturbing strangeness between lightness and a feeling of weightless.

  • 12€ – 8€
  • Les Brigittines, Petite rue des Brigittines 1, 1000 Bruxelles

Production : Ars Musica, Les Brigittines, Cellule Arts Numériques de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, ARTeM, UMons / Institut Numediart, Le Manège.Mons / Transdigital, Le Manège.Maubeuge – Scène Nationale, Plateforme d’Art et de Technologie Numérique « La Gare » de Jeumont et le soutien de Transcultures