Nout variation & Time unversed (a spectral recollection) > L. Bruttin, J. Sirjacq & E. Bonhomme – 5 april 13

Nout variation & Time unversed (a spectral recollection) > L. Bruttin, J. Sirjacq & E. Bonhomme – 5 april 13

NOUT VARIATION & TIME UNVERSED – video, live music and reading

by Laurent Bruttin Julien Sirjacq and Etienne Bonhomme

Friday 05 april – 5p.m > 8pm @ Galerie Mario Mazzoli – Berlin

“Nout” is a video with sound originated by a slide-show based on pictures taken by a strange character called Boris de Vinogradov.

This man was a conductor who in the early 70’s was a cofounder (together with Tristan Murail, Gérard Grisey, Hugues Dufourt, among others) of a musical ensemble called L’Itinéraire. This ensemble originated the French spectral mouvement.

By chance, Julien Sirjacq found in a garbage-can the archives of B. de Vinogradov, then he started a recollection work partly fictional, based on those fragmented archives. Taking care of the memory of this active figure, investigating on his work, collaborations and life, to envisage technological obsolescence, spectralism, hauntology, electro-acoustic music, and the history of Radio in France.

“Nout” takes its name from a Gérard Grisey’s pieces for solo clarinet contrabass which was dedicated to the composer Claude Vivier. The piece is based on the notions of threshold, night and death. The content of the slides shows a vanishing world, mainly landscapes, accentuated by the chemical reactions, creating staining reactions and ectoplasmic textures…

This video is also conceived to be played with live music, in a stretched version, for bassclarinet and laptop, the main theme stays Nout from Grisey but the acoustic characteristic of the space where it’s played influence the composition as it plays on diffusion and reverb.

The second piece, “Le temps à l’endroit” (“Time unversed”), is a reading in French (maybe also in German) of a text written by a French musician, musicologist and writer David Sanson for the catalogue of Sirjacq’s exhibition “The Inner hear (a spectral recollection)”, and inspired by his work on the Vinogradov archive. It tells a story about the year 1974 (date of birth of the spectral mouvement), about U- and E-Musik, and about some vanishing memories…

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