New CD 48 Cameras + Scanner dans le cadre de M4m

New CD 48 Cameras + Scanner dans le cadre de M4m

In the framework of the European project M4m (m for mobility), Transcultures is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the CD We would bring you silk in May (Interzone) which is the outcome of a new collaboration which began several months ago between London electronic musician Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner and 48 Cameras,  an internationalist combo featuring talented musicians from various backgrounds (post rock, electronic, experimental, contemporary classical …) and different countries (the Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium …) who managed to exchange ideas and sound via the Internet.

The beautiful digipack CD cover featuring an impressionnist picture by Malka Spiegel (photographer, member of Minimal Compact and Githead) reflects the heavenly and dreamy atmosphere that emerges from these five tracks wisely produced (by Jean.m. Mathoul).

This mobile music – mainly recorded by correspondence – is the outcome of connected sounds between 48Cameras, Scanner and various european artists coming from different backgrounds.

For this special event, 48 Cameras were :
mark beazley (uk), michael begg (uk), michel delville (b), saskia dommisse (nl), nick grey (mc), peter james (uk), andrey kolomytzev (ru), calogero marotta (b), jean m. mathoul (b)
acoustic bass guitar, bass guitar, bass guitar drones, double bass, drones, electronics, found sounds, guitar, keyboards, loops, percussion
with robin “scanner” rimbaud : all sorts of instruments

special guests robert baussey, yves dellicour, jordi grognard, stephan ink bass clarinet, bansuri, bowed bass guitar, cor anglais, oboe, soprano saxophone, tambura

1. rainfall # 1 − 13’35’’
2.we could bring you silk in may # 1 − 2’51”
3.rainfall # 2 − 9’53’’
4.we could bring you silk in may # 2 − 2’49’’
5.rainfall # 3 − 11’25’’

artwork by malka spiegel (uk) layout by cécile habran & jean m. mathoul album mixed by peter james, jean m. mathoul & didié nietzsche mastering by mark beazley

special thanks to christophe & philippe & everyone involved in this project these recordings are dedicated to the late christine & her children…