04.05.13 : “Before and After Ambient – Homage to Brain One”

04.05.13 : “Before and After Ambient – Homage to Brain One”

Past February, the Catholic University of Leuven awarded Briano Eno with an honorary degree. The occasion for this was to honour the music of a person who isn’t just the cofounder of Roxy Music, worked with David Bowie on the ‘Berlin trilogy’, is a genial producer, but who is also the author of a series of decisive solo albums. The Botanique brews a creative extension to this. We have brought together various Belgian artists to cover Eno-songs.

Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles (Direction Jean Paul Dessy), Stéphane Collin, Ensemble Temporain (Koen Gisen, Milan Warmoeskerken, Stef Heeren et Han Swolfs), Gauthier Keyaerts + Guest Auryn

  • 04.05.2013
  • 19:30 vervissage
  • 20:00 – 21:40 concert
  • Le Botanique : Salle – Museum

Organisation: Botanique + UCL + Le manège.mons / Musiques Nouvelles + Transcultures