Newsletter January 2014

Newsletter January 2014

All our brave team wishes you good vibrations 2014, creations, meetings … all of you, dear accomplices of Transcultures. This month is full of educational workshops and meetings, an essential dimension that takes more space in our digital, audio and interdisciplinary activities where the creation and public awareness dimensions are intrinsically linked. Let’s also mention “Andy Warhol’s night” premiered at BAM (Mons Fine Arts Museum, in the framework of the exhibition Life, death and beauty) by Musiques Nouvelles and co-produced by Transcultures. This visionary pop seminal figure – both attractive and intriguing – encourages us to move forward despite the many obstacles: “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself” (A. Warhol).

08 + 09.01.2014
Musiques Nouvelles
Andy Warhol’s night
(Factory happening 1964-2014)

Mons > BAM > 20:00


Andy Warhol has definitely marked a “pop” culture with multiplied icons and fascinating superstars. In 1963, he launched the Factory in Manhattan, a factory to create images that attracts talent, poets, musicians and distinguished visitors from around the world. From this rich heritage essential to our contemporary life and in the framework of the Warhol’s exhibition “Life, Death and Beauty” presented at BAM, Musiques Nouvelles (featuring singer/performer Angélique Willkie) propose an audiovisual performance combining live music (new pieces by Musiques Nouvelles and covers of songs by Lou Reed and John Cale), projections and documents (from the archives of photographer/poet Gerard Malanga, Warhol’s main collaborator in the 60’s Silver Factory) in an New York loft atmosphere. Pop for ever!

Production : Le Manège.mons/Musiques Nouvelles, Transcultures, BAM, Pôle Muséal Ville de Mons, Flagey, Bozar

Lecture Philippe Franck
Sonic City, la cité espace d’interventions sonores

Mons > Arts2 > 11:30

How does sound art play with the urban space, both as a living vibrating organism and a source of pollution source to transform it? From historical examples (Max Neuhaus, Bill Fontana, Christina Kubisch, …) but also many contemporary pieces with different site specific approaches (including productions of the sound art festival City Sonic), Philippe Franck will discuss some issues related to audio architectures, soundscapes to the latest geolocative developments.(in French only)

  • Free entrance
  • Carré des Arts, Auditorium Arts2 (aile gauche), 4a rue des Sœurs Noires, Mons

Lectures Philippe Franck
+ Todor Todoroff
Introduction to sound art + relations sound/movement/image

Bruxelles > Académie des Beaux Arts > 13:30 – 17:30


What are the roots of the sound art that cross disciplines? What are the main features of these forms and adventurous sound practices? How does site specific audio creation dialogue with the urban space? How does it develop? What are the possibilities and these pitfalls? These are some questions and issues that Philippe Franck bring light to stimulate critical thinking and discussion. After an introduction to the genesis of the sound art through the avant-gardes of the twentieth century and some great pioneering figures practices, Philippe Franck will also discuss his experience and approach of curator/ founder of the international sound art festival City Sonic illustrating these remarks with many video and audio examples.

Todor Todoroff, electronic music composer, teacher and engineer / researcher, will discuss his experience as a musician with contemporary dance (collaboration with Michèle Noiret, choreographer with whom he’s been working for over fifteen years) and the various creative and interactive interactions between sound, movement and image he has explored in its various performances and installations, particularly with the help of interactive systems he has developed ARTeM and Numediart Institute/ University Mons.

In the framework of the project Ecouter l’espace scénique, a collaboration between l’Académie royale des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles, la Faculté d’urbanisme et d’architecture/UMons, Transcultures

Live Supernova
(+ Oscar Martin, Constanza Piña)

Angoulême > Databaz > 20:30


Founded in 2012 by Philippe Franck (aka Paradise Now – singing / playing guitar, other) and Gauthier Keyaerts (aka The Aktivist, Very Mashta – electronics, miscellaneous), Supernova (Brussels) explores electro-organic open territories, mixing songs, instrumental pieces and poetry fragments in an intimate atmosphere. Also invited to this event devoted to other sounds, by Philippe Boisnard and Hortense Gauthier, founders of Databaz (Centre for literature and digital arts): Oscar Martin (sound art, experimental electronic music-Barcelona) and Constanza Piña (noise/drone/ambient lo-fi-Chili).

OtherS associated events

13 > 17.01.2014
Translations sonores (Atelier vertical)

Bruxelles > ESA Saint-Luc
open to the public on the 17th afternoon


This workshop called “sonic translations” organised by Balthasar Nathalie and Philippe Franck within the “vertical week” workshops at the School of Art Saint-Luc (Brussels) offers a series of lectures (by Philippe Franck/City Sonic introducing to the history of sound art and Sébastien Biset/Archipel on sound and situation) and practical initiations (by sound artists Arnaud Eeckhout, Stéphane Kozik, Sébastien Biset) introducing students to the specificities of sound art and their relationship with the environment, places and everyday objects.

A partnarship ESA Saint-Luc/Transcultures

  • Free entrance
  • On Friday January 17th afternoon, the outcome of the workshops will be presented to the public at ESA Saint-Luc, place Morichar (4th floor, rooms M45 & M44).
  • ESA Saint-Luc, place Morichar, Saint-Gilles/Bruxelles

Philippe Franck : Transcultures, expériences et enjeux

Angoulême > Fasteri > heures à préciser


At the invitation of Philippe Boisnard (digital artist, teacher), Philippe Franck will present the different sound art/digital arts/festivals activities and interdisciplinary approaches of Transcultures + discussion with the students of FASTERI (Angoulême Supervision of Technology, Relief and Interactivity Training)

Sonic workshop
Margarida Guia : les champs de la voix

Le Carrosse > Saint-Symphorien



For the second year, Margarida Guia, Portuguese sound artist, comedian and poet, will lead a serie of workshops (starting in January) with the residents of Le Carrosse (centre for disabled persons near Mons). For these workshops sound poetry, the artist accompanies a group of adults with various disabilities. From the vocal work, these workshops (until this Summer) aim to create an original polyphonic piece.

In partnership with le Carosse. In the framework of Espace(s) Son(s) Hainaut(s), platform for innovative music, with support of FEDER-Interreg IV France-Vlanderen-Wallonie funds.