Call – Park in Progress / City Sonic 2014

Call – Park in Progress / City Sonic 2014

About Parkinprogress

Park in Progress is a nomadic mobility program initiated by the European Pépinières for young artists, supported by the European Commission (Culture programme) and  gathering together young artists and professionals from the creative and cultural world, who work on the different steps of creation, production, diffusion of a project in which transdisciplinary experience is developed.

Parkinprogress moves around 6 different places in 6 different countries. At each step, the artists and professionals explore a park or an urban green area to create a strolling promenade nourished by different artistic propositions to share with the public. This creation nourishes itself from new proposals established on the encounter with artists and professionals from the hosting country.

Park in Progress is the first step of a far-reaching project, which is meant to link the main European countries’ big cities, to make emerge a vast community of artists and cultural actors able to work together on transdiciplinary projects at a European scale.

In Belgium in September 2014, the former slaughterhouse of Mons will host the next Parkinprogress, with 20 international and Belgian artists, who are given the opportunity to explore the place by sound and transdisciplinary creation in the site, within the framework of the CITY SONIC international sound arts festival ( initiated by Transcultures in 2003 presenting each year an itinerary of sound installations in several locations of the centre of Mons as well as innovative concerts, performances, lectures and workhops.

Who can apply?

This programme aims at both emerging artists (authors, interpreters, performers,…) from various expression fields (visual arts, sound art, performing arts and transdisciplinarity creation) and professionals from the creative and cultural world (light/sound/multimedia technicians…) who take an active part in the different steps of the creation of a work. Applicants should be residents of countries eligible under the European Commission’s Culture 2007-2013 Programme.

The artists invited in the programme are emerging ones, right into the creation current developments, and they take part in the creation of new forms of expression. A special attention will be paid to artists who have a natural interest in encounter and sharing with others and abilities to work on mutual projects in the frame of transdisciplinary coproductions. The sound and site specific dimensions of the project will be here a key element as this Parkinprogress takes place within Festival City Sonic.

  • The project may be led by an individual European artist or a group of European artists or young European professionals of arts and culture
  • The project has to be interdisciplinary with a sound approach (linked to “City Sonic).
  • A focus is made on projects with a poetic value or an innovative process in the approach or in new forms of art expression.
  • The artistic project may be an adaption or a new version of a former piece. It cannot just be the presentation of the piece as it already is.
  • The project should be designed specifically for the Arbalestriers specific site in Mons. It will so be an outdoor piece with a light technical rider (“easy to set up”).
  • The piece can also be a “work in progress” as we encourage collaborative projects that create links between the other selected artists and professionals.
  • The public presentation will take place in the Jardin du Beffroi and should not last more than 12 minutes (it is part of a timed night walk).
  • Each residency should not last more than 7 days in Mons.

Parkinprogress offers the following:

  • Successful applicants participate in a seven-days international residency between 4th and 11th September 2014 and present their work (around 12min each) one after another during the Night of the young European creation to the public as part of the City Sonic Festival on the 11th September. Applicants are expected to be present for the entire duration of the residency.
  • Park in progress guarantees a fee of 500 euros per project against an invoice.
  • Parkinprogress covers travel costs and transfers, ensures accommodation and meals for the duration of the residency and provides a “pool” of materials to be shared between artists and a production grant.  

How to apply?

Parkinprogress partners:

  • Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes (Saint-Cloud, France)
  • Moving House Foundation (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Arts Council England East Midlands / UK Young Artists (Nottingham, United Kingdom)
  • Transcultures (Mons, Belgium)
  • Agence luxembourgeoise d’action culturelle (Luxembourg)
  • The ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation (Nicosia, Cyprus)