13-09-2015 – Sonic Garden Party – City Sonic #13 @ Mons2015

13-09-2015 – Sonic Garden Party – City Sonic #13 @ Mons2015

With Sonic Garden Party, City Sonic offers a convivial Sunday afternoon, with intimate concerts and performances (about twenty minutes each) created and presented in beautiful private gardens (open to the public for the occasion) in rue des Compagnons (historic area of the Belfry located behind the Grand’Place).

Werner Moron + Manu Louis – Lumière

After proposing a surprise stroll in downtown City Sonic course, Werner Moron (texts – voice) and Manu Louis (music – guitar, electronics) stop outside the Thanks gallery (former chapel) in rue des Telliers to welcome and guide the public after an audio-poetic performance mixing humor, critical and sensitive impressions, to the gardens of other creations of this special Sonic Garden Party@City Sonic 2015.

Jacques Foschia – Chaosphère#3 (50 nuances de bruit)

Jacques Foschia uses for this amazing performance, only vintage radios producing unique live sonic textures.

collectif amadeo – Fujinn Open Orchestra

A performance melding musical theater, jazz and world music trends, during which traditional or invented influences and instruments marry.


Production City Sonic 2015 : Transcultures, Mons2015 Fondation, le manège.mons with the support of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels (multidisciplinary) & of Wallonia (tourism), in partnership with the City of Mons