01.12.2015 – Lecture Alice Jary – Transnumériques #5

01.12.2015 – Lecture Alice Jary – Transnumériques #5

Site spectific procedural practice in situ and act distributed network : a land of exchange between materiality and human actions in digital art

How can an in situ process-based methodology be part of a questioning of the act distributed network (agency) between human and non-human? This communication of Alice Jarry, (visual-digital artist from Montreal in cross digital residence at Transcultures after La Chambre Blanche in Québec, with Vincent Evrard), proposes to examine how arrangements forces, material and human actions in several places contribute to modulate the topology of relationships uniting the materiality involved and the same position of the artist-researcher in a process of research and creating digital art.


Partnership Arts²-Transcultures, in the framework of the lectures-workshops Emergences numériques,  Transnumériques and the cross residences Vice Versa, European Pépinières for young artists.