18.06.2016 – Solstices – performances + installations + screening @ Fontin

18.06.2016 – Solstices – performances + installations + screening @ Fontin

Solstices offers all over the night concerts, readings, performances, poetic interventions … in several places in the pretty village of Fortin (near Liege): Maldoror House, Church of Fontin, the orchard of the Livet family, garden and the home of the Aterianus family host several site specific acoustic or amplified creations.

No stage on one side and spectators on the other but a friendly meeting between indie artists and the public in the heart of the village.

On the rich program, performances and concerts by Radio Prague, Stephan Ink + Gauthier Keyaerts with visual artist Thierry Robrechts, Isa Belle + Paradise Now, Christophe Bailleau, Quelque piéton, Maurice Charles JJ, Sébastien Biset, installations by Sonia Gottardello, Jérôme Mayer et Sandra Ancelot, poetry readings by Pascal Leclerc, and Kathleen Lor and films by Phil Maggi and Erno.


Organisation : Eastern Belgium at night in partnership with Transcultures – City Sonic Summer Sessions – Transonic Label