04 > 06.10.2017 | Festival Simultan-Timisoara 2021

04 > 06.10.2017 | Festival Simultan-Timisoara 2021

Organised in the framework of the media arts festival Simultan (this year on the theme ‘Possibles Futures”, 3>7 Oct017), this meeting aims to gather various European practitioners and professionals active in the fields of sound, visual arts, performance arts, and digital culture in general.

By putting together different perspectives, we hope to enable collaborative work especially via the development of new technologies and languages at the intersection of various fields of creation and research. The meeting intend to contribute to the networking of artists and organisations working in the field of digital culture across Europe and to foster the debate on the developments in media arts, focusing on long term collaborations and project development in the context of Timisoara 2021 – European Capital of Culture.

With the participation of Tere​ ​Badia​ ​[ES] / Hangar.org, Martin​ ​Bricelj​ ​Baraga​ ​[SL] / MOTA Museum, Mihai​ ​Dragan​ ​[RO] / Plan Zero, Kurt​ ​d’Haeseleer​ ​[BE] / Werktank, Philippe​ ​Franck​ ​[BE] / Transcultures, Simon​ ​de​ ​Koning​ ​[DE/NL] / Solo Music Gallery, Levente​ ​Kozma​ ​&​ ​Alin​ ​Rotariu​ ​[RO] Simultan Association, Daniele​ ​Penna​ ​[IT] / AVnode / LPM, Anamaria​ ​Pravicencu​ ​&​ ​Octav​ ​Avramescu​ ​[RO] / Sambata Sonora, Florian​ ​Weigl​ ​[NL] V2, Olof​ ​van​ ​Winden​ [NL] / TodaysArt & Horea​ ​Avram​ ​[RO] – moderator.


Asociatia Simultan
funded by administration of national cultural fund / primaria si consiliul local timisoara