28.10 > 05.11.2017 | Unvinsible LAB – Alexis Choplain @ PASS

28.10 > 05.11.2017 | Unvinsible LAB – Alexis Choplain @ PASS

After a first presentation at the City Sonic 2017 Festival in Charleroi, Alexis Choplain proposes at the PASS (park of scientific adventures) a new version of this research wich highlights the action of sound on matter. This installation presents itself as an experimental research on the management of electrical signals.

Composed of about fifteen analogical devices, it tries to produce optical and sound phenomena in immersive space that is concerned with random behaviors of electricity. The devices interact, one with the others due to a vast network of cables and components that are sensitive to environmental variations. These devices are assimilated to a practicable machine whose circuits make it possible to grasp its fragility/brittleness by showing the elusive oscillations of a signal made accessible to our senses by luminous, vibratory and mechanical processes.


In the framework of the Saison des Cultures numériques | Partnership Transcultures PASS