12.01 > 17.02.2018 | art2.network @ NOISE Digital Festival – Istanbul

12.01 > 17.02.2018 | art2.network @ NOISE Digital Festival – Istanbul

Space Debris is proud to present a series of exhibitions in the new year with the support of Orjin Maslak, in hopes to bring forward the young talents with a fresh, dynamic approach by creating a new space for their voices to be heard.
The first exhibition of the series entitled “NOISE”, taking place at the art gallery on -2 floor of ORJIN, is hosting the pioneers of the digital art scene.

Artists: Anthony Antonellis, Cacheflowe, Jon Cates, Thomas Cheneseau, Uğur Engin Deniz, Davidope, Adam Ferriss, Tom Galle, Haydiroket, Hexeosis, Kenaim, Mark Klink, Raquel Meyers, A Bill Miller, Lorna Mills, Paula Morales, Esra Özkavcı, Christian Petersen, Peter Rahul, Elena Romenkova, Flavio Scutti, Sholim, Yoshi Sodeoka, Subtlegraces, Tachyons+, Trapers, Jacques Urbanska, Franck Soudan, V5MT, Chromo Valdez, XCOPY, Sarah Zucker

Curated by: Mert Keskin/Seyhan Musaoglu

Artificial intelligence, digital identities, the unresistable social media, avatars, rapidly increasing, constantly flowing images.. who we are? Do we exist only within our virtual personalities or these digital identities free our voices more?
The exhibition exploring the gray area between the virtual world and contemporary art with the innovative approach of digital arts, presents a selection of unique expressions of thirty one artists, local and foreign, and says to the spectator “thing different, outside the ordinary”. In each “noise” is a reflection of us.

Douglas Kahn explores “sound” used in various art mediums, in his book “Noise Water Meat”, where the exhibition takes its title from, and states that a proper analysis of post-modern society is done by situating it in focal point of art history. These series of exhibitions, inspired by the same book, taking place at “Orjin Sanat” Art Gallery takes a similar approach in analysing the contemporary society for a better evalution and examination of its very own contemporay culture and voices within its geography.

The “Noise Water Meat” exhibiton series are designed to present a genuine and unique program and aims to help promote the new generation artists and contemporary voices to be heard.

The the first group exhibition series entitled “Noise” the Digital Festival, curated by artist Mert Keskin in collaboration with Seyhan Musaoglu of Space Debris, will open on January 12, 2018 and may be seen at “Orijin Sanat” until February 17, 2018.


A collaboration of Space Debris and Orjin Maslak | Space Debris is a multi-purpose art space founded by Seyhan Musaoglu working between two platforms:  New York and Istanbul. As a hub space for innovative dialogue with a collective soul, the aim is to gain recognition for interactive new media works and interdisciplinary subjects that challenge traditional boundaries.