20.06 > 26.08.2018 | Raymond Delepierre @ The Art of Difference | Bozar

20.06 > 26.08.2018 | Raymond Delepierre @ The Art of Difference | Bozar

The Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), in partnership with BOZAR and in collaboration with the ULB and VUB research centres and Transcultures, is proud to present the exhibition, ‘The Art of Difference’, a scientific, historical and artistic exhibition about disability. Thanks to new technologies, research into sensorial, physical and mental handicap has led to many new inventions.

These innovations have undoubtedly improved the day-to-day life of people suffering handicaps and those caring for them. However, they have also ignited many discussions around the augmented humans and transhumanism – a debate that is also addressed and challenged by artists through their work.

swalling hEARt – Raymond Delepierre

A large audiosensitive sphere invites the audience to touch in order to perceive by its body the vibrations of the sound that emanates from it. Touch to listen, listen to feel, forget to see and let the sound material cross his mind. Raymond Delepierre has nurtured a great curiosity about sound, his physical representation as an autonomous body and his involvement in fields as diverse as the performing arts, architecture, the urban environment, scientific research, the arts plastics. He has an interest in things that live, sounds and their spaces of interaction, resonance, sounds as materials, as objects, as archives, as sculptures… Raymond Delepierre organizes them, transforms them and modifies them to offer them another function. The result is a suite of evolving and evolving sound writing. Guardian of the imaginary, the sound artist proposes us here to join his interrogations on the perception that each of us can have by confronting with the sound, this invisible and often unthought medium.