Articles | La Lettre Volée – From the expo-artwork to the living catalog in Turbulences Vidéo #109

Articles | La Lettre Volée – From the expo-artwork to the living catalog in Turbulences Vidéo #109

Founded in Brussels in 1989, La Lettre volée is an “art house” publishing house which has been offering, for over twenty years, various collections in the literature sectors (“Poiesis” and “Letters” collections and the review L’Étrangère), human sciences and aesthetics (“Essais” and “Palimpsestes” collections) and arts (several collections devoted to visual arts and architecture in particular).

It is also a friendly exhibition space in Uccle (Brussels) where Daniel Vander Gucht (co-founder with Pierre-Yves Soucy), sociologist of art and culture (at the Free University of Brussels) and him – the same sharp intellectual author-agitator present, at the very headquarters of La Lettre Volée, mainly artists associated with current events (recently Pascal Courcelles, Damien De Lepeleire, Xavier Noiret-Thomé, with drawings created for the earthy trilogy of “Poetic fantasies of zutic inspiration” by Daniel Vander Gucht: Robert goes to bed, Under influence, Why I no longer write poetry) or close to the organizers.

Among the recent catalogs published by La Lettre Volée, we wanted to highlight two recent ones that have their autonomy and succeed in combining the trace with a living criticism developing, from their initial subject, stimulating lines of flight so much for thought than for creativity


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Turbulences Vidéo #109 – Edito

There was this first release (of Covid), shy but already full of ideas and proposals to be rediscovered in the previous issue (213 pages!). And then, today, there is an apparent status quo! What can I say ? What to do if not to move forward – masked – but determined, driven by the envy and desire for life of our family: the artists, those of hybrid and digital arts who have so much to say and to make us feel about this world to come, between utopias and dystopias.

In any technological advance, there is certainly a progress but also a price to pay (or to refuse?!). Scott Hessels’ example and career is inspiring in this respect: things change quickly but in everyday life nothing moves or is perceived. My neighbor, on this Indian summer evening, is listening to music that enchanted the 70s, those Californian years precisely in which Scott Hessels found the inspiration for a singular and essential work, that of the artist scout, a whistle- blower, between techno and nature. To be meditated.

Gabriel Soucheyre (directeur)