Articles | Mathieu Zurstrassen (interview) in Turbulences Vidéo #109

Articles | Mathieu Zurstrassen (interview) in Turbulences Vidéo #109

Mathieu Zurstrassen. An intermedia cabinet of curiosities | Interview by Philippe Franck

In the panorama of Belgian and international digital arts, or more broadly of contemporary arts willingly integrating today’s technologies, Mathieu Zurstrassen (Brussels) has a special place.

Driven by a flourishing imagination, a passion for the artefact and a transhistoric reflection, he has produced, in a few years, an impressive body of works (mostly installation) which follow in the footsteps of the great troubles of the history of the art of the twentieth, assume their references and take a critical look at our disoriented society with an attractive weapon, a humor that is too rare in this field.

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Turbulences Vidéo #109 – Edito

There was this first release (of Covid), shy but already full of ideas and proposals to be rediscovered in the previous issue (213 pages!). And then, today, there is an apparent status quo! What can I say ? What to do if not to move forward – masked – but determined, driven by the envy and desire for life of our family: the artists, those of hybrid and digital arts who have so much to say and to make us feel about this world to come, between utopias and dystopias.

In any technological advance, there is certainly a progress but also a price to pay (or to refuse?!). Scott Hessels’ example and career is inspiring in this respect: things change quickly but in everyday life nothing moves or is perceived. My neighbor, on this Indian summer evening, is listening to music that enchanted the 70s, those Californian years precisely in which Scott Hessels found the inspiration for a singular and essential work, that of the artist scout, a whistle- blower, between techno and nature. To be meditated.

Gabriel Soucheyre (directeur)