29 > 31.10.2021 | MVMF – International Metaverse NFT/Music Festival 2021 | Worldwide

29 > 31.10.2021 | MVMF – International Metaverse NFT/Music Festival 2021 | Worldwide

During the weekend from 29 > 31 of October 2021 in multiple Metaverses, including Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, Somnium Space, Uplift World & Immersys, and in the Multiverse with real-world spaces around the world, there will happen the first international Metaverse Music Festival.

It unites musicians, NFT pioneers, art lovers, tech people, philosophers, creative fashion designers and futurists from all around the globe and showcases unique indie music performances.

The Multiverse stage of MVMF, organized by FAYR Ecosystem foundation (president :  media and sound artist Gleb Divov) in partnership with the European  Pepinières of Creation and Transcultures-Belgium, will feature sonic performances, intermedia art, creative fashion and panel discussions.

Aside from singers, musicians and possibly dancers performing, there will be a panel of speakers to talk about NFT Music-related topics, there will be a costume shop to purchase your halloween costume, NFT fashion catwalk, costume contest, scavenger hunt, and more surprises.

Decentralized distributed International team of the MVMF Festival, includes pioneers of the NFT and Metaverse scene from all over the world.

Participants (non-exhaustive list)

Mightymai | Emanate | Inflow Music | Maiworld | Eclectic Method | $Whale | Chad Hillard | Mighty33  | Geniuscorp | Fashion Show | Mintgate  | Billyracxx | Panther Modern | John Itzler | C Young Roshambeaux | Maxwell Bruno | The Convalescence | Wars | Scessions | Dj Simon Sez | Dj Set It Off | My Lucky Brass | Nobody Famous | Ian J | Yuniwa | Trvy | Rare Scrilla | Metajax | Masia One | Dj Lethal Skillz | Mutant Cats X | Jonathan Mann | Sympathy For The Devil | Sugar Club | Fishbrain | Connie Digital | Bullish Or Bearish | Dreams Never Die Records | Wooferblast | Rara Social | Pyron | Max Nova | Rare Pizzas | Yoshidrop | Cxc | Nicholas Reeves | Ladz City | Ian J + Ikabodveins | El Corral Digital | Will Juergens | Kat Galie | Trebiz | Systaime | Tokyo Crypto | Musical Blockchain | KassandRa | Current B-Lectric | Kreatinai | Random Light Orchestra | Bruno U | Blockchain Brett | Cryptoarcade | Cipher.Media | Nate Kodi | Ctrl 404 | Cazlab | Luluxx | Autograf | Sicknal | Terry Kilby | Ghost Agent | Sean Gardner | Dr Datamosh | Third Planet Studio … and more.

More information on Metavers

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FAYR Ecosystem Foundation

Bootstrapped international Ecosystem of the internal projects and startups, with a HQ in the Republic of Užupis (Vilnius), Lithuania, creating pioneering innovations at the intersection of Technologies with the Culture/Music/Art, Education, Psychology/Healthcare, Urban environment, Acoustic/Soundscape Ecology, Carbon Footprint reduction, Zero-Waste lifestyle, Smart Cities, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality and other areas and industries.


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