12.03.2022 | Gaëtan Le Coarer (Fr) @ Nigth of ideas | St James Cavalier (Mt)

12.03.2022 | Gaëtan Le Coarer (Fr) @ Nigth of ideas | St James Cavalier (Mt)

During the Night of Ideas places of knowledge and culture around the world are invited to celebrate the free flow of ideas by offering conferences, as well as screenings, and artistic performances.

Almost two years have passed, punctuated by the pandemic and its repercussions. The whole planet experienced closing borders, lockdown, suspended activities. How do we reconnect after all that? This first Maltese Night of Ideas will address the collectiveness in creation.

The first roundtable will explore the notion of being an author in the frame of a collective creation: from a historical perspective, by questioning the notion of copyright across ages and geo-cultural areas, to the participative creation of today.

The second roundtable will give the floor to bring forward initiatives, spaces and frames that gather the good conditions to co-creation which leads to time to explore, space to meet and exchange.

Speakers : Sandro Debono, Mathieu Quiniou, Laura Besançon, Margerita Pule, Caldon Mercieca, Lucie Duriez, Eugénie Drion, Toni Attard, Gaëtan Le Coarer, Yunis…

Note that Gaëtan Le Coarer will also intervene