31.03 > 26.05.2024 | Duo – Juliette Karlsson (Be) · Pierre Gosée (Be) exhibition | Château Gilson (La Louvière)

31.03 > 26.05.2024 | Duo – Juliette Karlsson (Be) · Pierre Gosée (Be) exhibition | Château Gilson (La Louvière)

Central offers, in collaboration with Transcultures, an exhibition of 2 young multidisciplinary artists who each explore a very particular universe and invite us to reflect on the complex relationship between humans and materials, and on the possibilities of creation and interpretation in the contemporary artistic landscape.

Through his “Kayou AI Innovation” project, Pierre Gosée offers critical reflection on our growing dependence on artificial intelligence. By exposing the abuses associated with this technology as a reflection of our own excesses rather than inherent flaws, he invites us to consider how we, as a society, shape these tools in our image.

For her part, Juliette Karlsson presents a part of her artistic practice closely linked to a surprising everyday element: the potato. Through her exploration of this humble tuber, she reveals an unsuspected sculptural and conceptual dimension. Using the act of peeling as a creative gesture, she transforms the raw and earthy shape of the potato into minimalist and aesthetic volumes.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on March 31 at 10:00 a.m. at Château Gilson in La Louvière

Juliette Karlsson (Be)

“The relationship between my practice and potatoes was born while I was peeling potatoes. The gesture of peeling, the peeler and the potato appeared to be intimately linked to the sculpture which, until then, was unknown to me. The latter was revealed in the sliding removal of material. The tool cuts the curve to make a straight line and a clean surface, the skin is removed and the flesh is revealed. The raw, earthy and popular form is transformed into minimalist and conceptual volume.

The object is the perfect size to be easily handled. The potato always fits in the palm of the hand as if it were intended to fit there. The potato is perfect for developing a sculptural practice and a critique of the world and contemporary art. The potato is part of serious issues such as the economy, history, class struggle, but also typically sculptural and aesthetic issues. It also allows humor and poetry through art, which has been demonstrated by Agnès Varda and Jeffrey Allen Price. My research tends to understand the world through potatoes. With derision and love for the tuber and for art, I explore the sculpture – potato link.”

Pierre Gosée (Be)

“As part of the Kayou Group, which explores the intersection of technology and fiction to question our relationship to progress, I present Kayou AI Innovation. This project is a natural evolution of my previous works, such as “Kayou Human Extensions” and “Kayou Universe Technology”, it focuses on the absurdity of our increasing dependence on artificial intelligence.

The objective of Kayou AI Innovation is to highlight the way in which the excesses associated with AI are in fact a mirror of our own excesses and not of the defects inherent in these technologies. Through this project, I hope to provoke critical reflection on our use and dependence on AI, pushing the public to consider how we, as a society, shape these tools in our image, thus amplifying our own flaws.

Finally, through this exploration, I aspire to highlight the positive potential of AI, used in an informed and responsible manner. This is not only a critique, but also an invitation to rethink our relationship with technology, seeing it as a catalyst for a more conscious and harmonious future.”