19.05.2024 | Kermesse Klub – Art & crafts | Maison Folie (Mons – Be)

19.05.2024 | Kermesse Klub – Art & crafts | Maison Folie (Mons – Be)

The Kermesse Klub, which organizes multidisciplinary events mixing visual arts, concerts, clothes and conviviality, is back in Mons (BE). At the dawn of the Ducasse period which ignites the dragon city every year, the team has once again brought together a panel of quality regional artists and craftsmen.

On the program, young DJs and VJ sets off the beaten track, a craft market, an empty dressing room/thrift store corner and craft beers.

All with a large dose of good humor, in a chill and good-natured atmosphere.

Menu du jour

Prepare your best outfits in the colors of Mons so that you have a free drink at the entrance.

  • 15:30 – 17:30 : Snipe_x_live
  • 17:45 – 19:45 : d3adral
  • 20 – 22:00 : onthesilvermachine
  • 15h30 > 22:00 : Jessica Manica (live video performance)


A young artist from Mons, he loves house music, techno and drum’n bass… Appreciating dreamlike or nightmarish productions, he manages to mix minimalism and groove in order to stick to his image of electronic music.

Always looking for sounds with elaborate sound design as well as qualitative sound systems, he strives to take the public on a journey into his multiple universes by making his tracklist a single continuity with 1000 surprises.

Snipe X (Be)

Dj, producer, remixer, live performer with software & hardware… Snipe X has several strings to its bow.

Since the 90s, music has been part of his daily life… It is not enclosed in a single style, it gives it a very wide range of possibilities for musical expression.

Member of the group Alborythme, he has perfected the creative and improvised side of his lives during multiple evenings where he has performed including Extrema outdoor, Rockerill, Labyrinth club, etc.


ONTHESILVERMACHINE has a sound universe centered around electro produced live using various electronic instruments and its L loopers.

He likes to improvise by creating captivating loops with sounds that make you want to move in an atmosphere that is as festive as it is offbeat…

Jessie Manica (Be/Ro)

Jessie Manica, VJ for this day, will offer to bring the audience’s eyes to life to the rhythm of the music.

Her visual universe is built with the treasures she discovers on the web, mixing with videos taken from her daily life, her travels and all the abstractions encountered in nature.

As a visual artist, her creations are an integral part of her graphic work, inviting the public to explore another reality.