10.07.2024 | “Body & Sound” Workshops (Isa*Belle) | Couvent d’Hautrage (Saint-Ghislain – Be)

10.07.2024 | “Body & Sound” Workshops (Isa*Belle) | Couvent d’Hautrage (Saint-Ghislain – Be)

In the framework of the Sonic Summer 2024, Isa*Belle (sound and holistic artist/masseuse) offers everyone 2 workshop modules (10 participants maximum) on the theme “Body in Accord” composed of autonomous sessions (2 hours each) open to all.

Body and sound – July 10 and 31 – 4 > 6 p.m.

“Sound massages” are delicately practiced with Tibetan bowls and various small instruments played around and on the lying body; it’s about feeling the vibrations and tuning in to them to feel the beneficial effects.

Body and movement – July 24 and August 7 – 4 > 6 p.m.

An introduction to different gentle techniques of movement in space for good anchoring of the body. This involves working on various simple movements (inspired in particular by Tibetan rites, yoga and Tai Chi) to connect with the elements in order to relieve tension, circulate energies in the body, strengthen the system immune and to become more anchored in the biosphere.

Isa*Belle (Fr/Be)


Isa*Belle develops her artistic approach for and through the well-being of the body – in its multiple dimensions – associated with personal and spiritual development.

Evolving between Belgium and France, she has been working since 2005 in collaboration with Paradise Now to produce several performances and sound installations supported by Transcultures / City Sonic and broadcast internationally.

She has also collaborated with several musicians (Maurice Charles JJ, Matthieu Safatly, Stephan Dunkelman …) and visual artists (Simone Simon, Joseph Dadoune, Régis Cotentin), created the duet Unda with Ariane Chesaux and joined, in 2015 Werner Moron and Philippe Franck in the audio-poetic combo “Les ours bipolaires”.


Sonic Summer 2024

Transcultures, Centre for Sound and Digital Cultures, joins its partner Septem (Cultural Centre of Saint-Ghislain) to offer, this summer 2024, a program of friendly events open to all.

Workshops, concerts, installation, sound art video selection… dialoguing with the spaces of the Hautrage convent (16th century), around sound and intermedia creation with the participation of leading artists from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and abroad.

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