Isa✧Belle develops her artistic approach through the well-being of the body – in its multiple dimensions – associated with personal and spiritual development. Isa✧Belle worked from 2002, as a model and stylist with fashion photographer Simone Simon. Moving between Brussels, Paris and Nice, she participated in various short films and performances.

Since 2005, she has worked in collaboration with Paradise Now (electronic treatments and sound design, texts and co-design) on several installation projects (“Ojaskar-the light of the body”, “Fly Wash”, “The sound shower” , “Le do dé ca être”, “Singing tree”, “A Luni Son”) appealing to all the senses and the participation of the spectator invited to indulge in unique sensory experiences in the world of contemporary art.

She has also collaborated, among others, with Cathia Bajon (for the performance “Cercle de cristal”), Arianne Chesaux (with whom she formed the duo Unda), Gauthier Keyaerts (for the performance “Transonic live bowls”), the cellist Matthieu Safatly, the multimedia creator Alain Wergifosse, the Bipolar Bears (with the author/visual artist Werner Moron and the sound creator Philippe Franck) the late electro-acoustic composer Stéphane Dunkelman or  the saxophonist/improviser Maurice Charles JJ. She is also the subject of videos by French director Régis Cotentin and Portuguese multidisciplinary artist Natalia de Mello.

Paradise Now

A transcultural and sound designer/producer/creator based in Belgium, Paradise Now has developed an actively transversal and collaborative approach since the 1990s. He has worked closely with various videographers (Régis Cotentin, Hänzel & Gretzel), poets (Ira Cohen, Gerard Malanga, Werner Moron in Les ours bipolares, Eric Therer for the project & Stuff), choreographers (Nadine Ganase, Manon Oligny, Karine Ledoyen ), visual/digital artists (Philippe Boisnard, Art2Network, Marc Veyrat/La Société i Matériel, Jean-François Octave) and other musicians (recently Christophe Bailleau in the duo Pastoral, Gauthier Keyaerts in Supernova, Maurice Charles JJ, Stephan Dunkelman, Maja Jantar ou encore Didié Nietzsche).

Since 2005, he has collaborated closely with the holistic performer/masseuse Isa✧Belle for a series of “sound” installations and performances broadcast in numerous festivals, cultural centers and international events. He also produced and participated in several records on various independent labels (Sub Rosa, Optical Sound, Transonic…).