08.09.2022 | Tree Stories Performance – Kotryna Žilinskaitė (Lt) + Hasan Alp Çelikel (Tk) | Darnos Šventė (Lt)

08.09.2022 | Tree Stories Performance – Kotryna Žilinskaitė (Lt) + Hasan Alp Çelikel (Tk) | Darnos Šventė (Lt)

Tree stories  is a interdisciplinary and multifaceted in progress project inspired by the timeless poetry and mystical power of raw nature embodied by the tree in a time where Man is continuing to destroy the natural environment as well as himself in a blind infernal suicidal race. The tree in general is a strong symbol (of the cosmos, of life, of force…), and each tree in particular is a more specific symbol (the oak symbolizes majesty, the alder humility, etc) which can vary depending on the cultures and mythologies.

How can we relate to them and learn from them? How can we better understand them and benefit from their silent universal stories? These are a few questions that irrigate this ongoing creative process.

This performance  is experiencing the personification of trees, through the movement of the performers and sound, talking about the embodiment of different times and signs in nature and the constantly changing, adapting, the life-giving world of trees.

The Tree Stories performance features pluridisciplinary – movements, poetry, sounds and audiovisual installation)  –  material created by the 3 associated artists  Kotryna Žilinskaitė (LT), Hasan Alp Celikel (TK), Paradise Now (BE/FR) at the “Verpejų” residence (totally disconnected from urban parasites in the forest of South Lithuania) in August 2022 and Transcultures/City Sonic residencies in 2023.

Performance/dance – Kotryna Žilinskaitė, Hasan Alp Celikel
Sound creation – Paradise Now
Poetry – Kotryna Žilinskaitė, Philippe Franck

Tree Stories poem - L’arbre de Kotryna

You are lying on the bed
in the house of possibilities

You write for his highness King Tree that looks at you
from the height of its centuries of undisputed reign

You capture the waves of the forest gods
You dance with their shadows
You invite angels and genies
in the flight of your aspirations
to the senses, essences, essential

You are with them, in them, through them
You are the flaming leaf
of this Master Lime
who knows where the wind comes from
You are the edge of the sacred forest
you are fully

Philippe Franck
(Tree Stories project – Margones – 9 August 2022)

Kotryna Žilinskaitė (Lt)

Interdisciplinary artist who combines theatre, contemporary and butoh dance, and sound performances. Kotryna organizes festivals, and concerts, directs films and plays, creates and participates in artistic projects, performances, and happenings, and leads various creative workshops.

She is studying for a Master’s degree in Music Therapy at Vilnius University and working with the cultural organizations “Užiateka” and “Oasis – art therapy”.


Hasan Alp Celikel (Tk)

Interdisciplinary artist who works in visual, performative arts, design, and music. Hasan’s journey in art started at an early age and has endured until now. He started his career as a progressive lead guitarist in his senior years and enrolled in Visual art studies at Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design University, Canada. Later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Ceramics faculty.

His specialty is sound sculptures created using Cymatics and designing melody percussive instruments since 2016. Hasan creates paintings, practices Butoh and Contemporary Dance, and writes songs and instrumental progressive music. The artist aims to illuminate the alchemy through a magical mind through the surreal expressions appearing in his work.

Paradise Now (Fr/Be)

Intermedia producer and creator based in Belgium, Philippe Franck has developed since the 90s the Paradise Now project which favours an actively transversal and collaborative approach. He chooses a sensitive and cinematic approach that embraces different influences and fields (electronics, sound art, post-rock, post-pop, improvised music …). He has worked closely with various international poets, choreographers, visual multimedia artists and other adventurous audio creators. Since 2005, he has also collaborated with holistic performer / masseuse Isa Belle (FR) for a series of installations and “sound” performances shown in numerous festivals, cultural centres and international events. He has also produced and participated in several records on various independent labels (Sub Rosa, Optical Sound, Tiramizu, Transonic…).