03.09.2023 | Transonic Sessions – Sonopoetics performances @ Bienale ARTour 2023 | Château Gilson (Be)

03.09.2023 | Transonic Sessions – Sonopoetics performances @ Bienale ARTour 2023 | Château Gilson (Be)

Transcultures offers two performances combining poetic readings and offbeat sound creations, which integrate into their hybrid and adventurous creations.

As part of the 2023 edition -subtitled “Entre-Mondes”- of the Biennale of contemporary art and heritage ARTour, which is held until September 10th  in a series of cultural and heritage places in the region of La Louvière and of the City Sonic 20 years program.

Article to read (french): “Welcome to the hyperreal” by Philippe Franck (from the catalogue of ARTour 2023).

Dominique Vermeesch (do.space) - Ouïr le jamaisvu

(do.space) buries and exhumes itself in a nameless elsewhere.

In the background, she lets out a performative-vibratory language called “Ouïr lejamaisvu”*, the foundation of her visions.

His being parasitized by waves makes the ear and the soul perceive what cannot see, admitting “the need to be in the dark” where everything is born.

Decked out in iconic signs, harnesses, antennas, speakers, octopus, neo-species, ashes of this world, heritage gestures that she obsessively archives, she “vibrurle” (a neologism borrowed from Vinciane Deprez and her Autobiography of an Octopus and other anticipation stories) to escape into a crazy nothingness, this country of the other world.

*Note that “Ouïr le jamais vu” is also the title of the recent book-catalogue of Dominique Vermeesch work – alias (do.space), published by “La Lettre Volée” for his eponymous exhibition at the A.Gallery in Brussels.
Also read (in french), the Philippe Franck’s article “(do.space) – The transfiguration of the body-voice” for the magazine Turbulences Video #114.

Dominique Vermeesch is accompanied by his sound accomplice artist daniel duchamp.

Dominique Vermeesch
(text and modular synth manipulations)

“Dominique Vermeesch (do.space), who came to creation through artistic studies, and especially through drawing, has never ceased to look for new ways to render what looks more like a continuum than any “artwork”.

The artist works and develops her questions through sound installations and videos, and includes her own body, during performances. These offer the opportunity for a mystical rendezvous through waves that she watches, with body, as a place of inscription for the world.

Traveling through the history and philosophy of themes dear to her, she mixes existing documents with her works. She builds a whole world of dialoguing texts, sounds and images, from different eras and cultures.

We cross together Hannah Arendt, Donna Haraway… images of the cosmos and Simone Weil, who reveals two fundamental aspects of her work: the link to the pulsation of the universe, and the references to the artists and authors who are dear to her.” F. Delvoye


daniel duchamP

At the beginning of the 70’s, daniel duchamP began to photograph musicians of the “improvised music” scene in Europe, and started doing research in electro-acoustic sound.

Currently, he creates his sounds in the field of experimental electronics; this in the spirit of free improvisation. He works with a double bass, recordings and a modular synthesizer.

What attracts him is the porosity of the boundaries between the moment of creation where acoustics switches to transformed landscapes, either through the play of instruments or by various filters such as granular synthesis… sound material always… exploring new fields of possibilities…


ordinaire - Tales of an (in)corporated world

“Tales of an (in)corporated world” puts into context the voices and sounds conveyed by the corporate world via extracts of watchwords and instructions captured in Lidl, Action, Hubo and other places of daily consumption.

Contrary to popular belief, the company is the embodiment of humanism and the language it develops is no less narrative than a novel.

Under the pseudonym of Ordinaire, Eric Therer (texts) and Stephan Ink (bass-laptop) borrow both from sound experimentation and from the post-Dadaist heritage. The approach of the Liège duo is to collect images and sounds in our most immediate daily environment which have the value of essential icons.

The dance halls along the national roads, the chip shops, the administrative heaviness… so many references that belong to the real or dreamlike cultural heritage of Belgium here poetized with humour, insolence and a low-tech aesthetic…


Sonopoetics is a series published by the Transonic label (directed by Transcultures) and which intimately crosses sound, poetic and visual elements. Launched in 2010, on the occasion of the international festival of sound arts City Sonic #8, during the eponymous exhibition held at the ISELP (Brussels) in association with the Cnap: National Center for Plastic Arts (Fr ): from speech to image, from poetry to sound…

Since then, Sonopoetics has become a series of actions and hybrid multimedia objects.