24.04.2024 | OMFI #46 – JJ Duerinckx (Be) – Jacques Foschia (Fr) – Adrian Northover (GB) | NTB#14 Grand Hospice (Bxl)

24.04.2024 | OMFI #46 – JJ Duerinckx (Be) – Jacques Foschia (Fr) – Adrian Northover (GB) | NTB#14 Grand Hospice (Bxl)

Since 2014, Transcultures has regularly supported events designed by the OMFI collective (One Moment Free Improv) which opens the stage in various places to improvised music, from contemporary jazz to unclassifiable experiments.

The complicity between Jean-Jacques Duerinck, who is one of its stubborn pillars, is solid, from his visits to the international sound arts festival City Sonic to sound collaborations with other artists supported by Transcultures.

Around him, other equally talented and involved sound explorers give OMFI events, which are always – friendly – encounters between different but potentially concordant universes, an ever-renewed appeal.

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Jean–Jacques Duerinckx (Be)

sopranino, tenor and baritone saxophones.

Originally from Walloon Brabant, Jean-Jacques Duerinckx discovered the saxophone in 1985 as an autodidact and followed academic training with Philippe Leblanc. He began his musical research during Fabrizio Cassol’s chamber music classes in the early 1990s and subsequently within the free improvisation collective Inaudible. Working as much on the interpretation of complex compositions including Composition 113 by Anthony Braxton as exercises as on sound exploration on the sopranino saxophone, JJ D invests 100% in free improvisation.

He tirelessly organizes the O.M.F.I. concert series. in Brussels. Records and tours with John Russell, Matthieu Safatly in trio, with Adrian Northover in duo. He has collaborated with sound and multimedia artists such as Peter Friess, Harold Schellinckx, Didier Nietzsche, Anton Mobin, Isa*Belle+Paradise Now. He has performed in concert with, among others, Lol Coxhill, Jim Denley, Jacques Foschia, Michel Doneda and Pascal Marzan, and has toured the Netherlands (Roadburn Festival), Germany (Moers Festival), Poland, France, Italy, Great Britain and Budapest.
In 2018, he founded “Unreal Brotherface” with the late acousmatic composer Stephan Dunkelman, whom he met in 2004 within Zohara, an ensemble created by Zahava Seewald produced by John Zorn (Tzadik 2004).

Unreal Brotherface participated, among others, in the City Sonic festival in 2019 and in the Belgian Music Days 2020.
MxSx, his duet with Dimitri Coppe, was created in Flagey during the 2022 Sound Week in tribute to the composer. The confrontation of his sound expertise with other modes of artistic expression such as visual arts, performance, contemporary dance (Patricia Kuypers, Stephanie Auberville, Hisako Horikawa…), remains essential to his artistic research. He participates in CEPI founded by double bassist Barre Philips.

In 2015, he met multimedia artist Alexandra Dementieva with whom he played in the duo Tunnel Hearing, recently joined by cellist/double bassist Jose Bedeur. In March 2020, during the pandemic, he created Lamaφ (lamaphi), a multidisciplinary protean group, bringing together dancers, musicians and videographers. He is founder of the OMFI collective (2011/2019) with the cellist Matthieu Safatly as well as the lab’OMFI: a transdisciplinary experimental laboratory which was held at the Halles Saint -Géry in Brussels from 2017 to 2019.

He is the saxophonist of the stoner rock group Neptunian Maximalism between 2018 and 2022 as well as a member of the experimental music collective ZAAAR with HP des Rosiers, Didié Nietzsche, Guillaume Cazalet and Sebastien Smith.


Adrian Northover (GB)

alto and soprano sax.

High-flying professional photographer, saxophonist, and composer Adrian Northover made a name for himself with the group B-Shops for the Poor alongside bassist John Edwards, guitarist Jon Dobie, saxophonist David Petts, and saxophonist/vocalist Louise Petts in the late 1980s and 1990s. Together, they toured throughout Europe and even into Eastern European countries. B-Shops recorded with Brotzmann.

David and Louise Petts, along with Adrian, then founded The Remote Viewers, with an extensive repertoire of quirky compositions and original contemporary jazz. Adrian leads two groups dedicated to the music of Thelonious Monk and Charlie Mingus (Hog Callin’) with Steve Noble, Pat Thomas, and John Edwards, and plays in Jazz Thali, a fusion jazz-Indian music ensemble.

Adrian Northover actively collaborates in the improvised music scene with the Horse Improvised Club and the London Improvisers Orchestra since 1999. He regularly works with Adam Bohman and Sue Lynch (Custodians of the Realm) and the trio Dinner Party with Russian pianist Vladimir Miller and bassist Pierpaolo Martino.

He records and tours in Italy with drummer Marcello Magliocchi, with whom he plays in the Runcible Quintet (Daniel Thompson, guitar; John Edwards, bass; and Neil Metcalfe, flute). He has also recorded with vocalist Anna Homler and guitarist Dave Tucker.


Jacques Foschia (Be/Fr)


He studied music at the Conservatories of Mons and Rotterdam under Harry Bok and won the Grand Prize for clarinet. A specialist in bass clarinet, he has performed numerous classical and contemporary works, including as a soloist in the RTBF Orchestra.

He discovered improvised music while exploring the sounds and alternative techniques of the E-flat, B-flat “sopranino” clarinets, and bass clarinet. He actively participates in the activities of the Inaudible Collective and the London Improvisers Orchestra, with whom he recorded five albums from 2000 to 2011.

Since 2002, he has recorded 3 CDs and toured with Canaries on the Pole: Mike Goyvaerts, Georg Wissel, and Christoph Irmer, performing concerts in Belgium, Germany, and Great Britain. He has also performed concerts with Adam Bohman and Robert Jarvis, Dave Tucker, and Tony Marsh. He has recorded two solo albums (Clair-Obscur and Solo Clarinettes) and has given numerous solo concerts exploring various registers of the bass clarinet, blending imaginary folklore and sound sculpture.

He has collaborated with dancers Pascal Gille, Patricia Kuypers, and Juylen Hamilton. He has created electronic compositions Metaclisme – electromagnetic sculptures and performed with vacuum tube radios solo (CD Radio Griffe), in a duo with Cyril Flament, or with the Brocante Sonore reed duo with saxophonist Jean-Jacques Duerinckx. Based in France, he collaborates with wind instrumentalists Gérard Fabbiani and Michel Doneda.