Album online | Persistance – Christophe Bailleau & Friends

Album online | Persistance – Christophe Bailleau & Friends

Transcultures and its partner European Pepinieres of Creation supported the ‘Persistence’ release by Belgian-based French sound and visual artist Christophe Bailleau produced by IRM (French indie music magazine) .

The profusion of inspirations and ideas shows along the constant sonic mutations of “Persistance”, a generous new album of nearly 40 minutes where seem to collide within the same cosmogonic momentum stellar melancholy and synthetic abstractions, crystalline reveries and vortex of darker textures, cosmic arpeggiators and glitched guitars, found percussions and deconstructed beats, meditative harmonies and saturated bursts.

Admirers of Tim Hecker or Fennesz as well as devotees of the great era of Warp Records will surely enjoy the equally strange and captivating convolutions of this musical ballet of electronic and organic tones, which ends up with a mystical and almost tribal conclusion, somewhere between Coil and Mouse on Mars. Previously praised for his collaborations with Belgian sonic adventurers such as aMute or Julien Demoulin (Silencio), Christophe Bailleau invites on “Persistance” a nebula of friendly guests : Philippe Franck aka Paradise Now (synths, bass and guitar) on two tracks, as well as Jules Nerbard (electronics), Billy Duncan of PRISM (guitars) and A Limb (electronics), each one contributing in his particular way to that maelstrom of sensations and emotions, where contemplation and anxiety, spleen and resilience, futurism and spirituality intertwine inextricably and brilliantly.

Christophe Bailleau

French musician based in Belgium, who’s been working for more than 15 years at the crossroads of electronic music, acoustics, ambient and “musique concrète”, releasing a dozen albums (including “Gaz Giant” in 2018 with Pulse Emitter from Portland) and taking part in numerous compilations of experimental music.

As a multidisciplinary artist, he also delivered over the years intriguing short films (noticed in many festivals), radiophonic creations, multimedia installations, photographs and collections of poetic writings.