Book + CD | House27 – GHOSTWRITERS. (Fr/Be) | Transonic Label (Be)

Livre + CD | House27 - GHOSTWRITERS (Fr/Be) | Transonic Label (Be)

Two creators join forces to form the duo GHOSTWRITERS. : sound artist Christophe Bailleau and visual artist Claire Ducène.

Together they propose the “House 27” project and combine their graphic and sound worlds to create a poetic and photographic edition.

Claire Ducène immerses the viewer in her memories constructed in the form of a story, in search of the missing piece. The viewer follows a character who wanders through a dreamed and recreated house where four chapter-tables come together to form a story.

To the rhythm of Christophe Bailleau’s sound creations, a feeling of strangeness is accentuated, audio and visual materials constitute a form of hybrid and fluctuating story.

A story to discover and listen to.

Claire Ducène (Be)

Visual artist, Claire studied painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and photography at the Academy of Drawing and Visual Arts in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. She also holds a Master’s degree in French and in Romance languages and literatures from the Free University of Brussels. Since 2012, Claire Ducène has produced numerous solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in Belgium, Spain, and Norway, Italy and France. She won the visual arts prize of the province of Hainaut 2015.

Fascinated by memories and the passage of time, Claire Ducène’s work is a plastic reflection around memory. His taste for narration is perceptible in a work which is built around memory and traces, what remains to us of what “was”. Our memories watch over the past, but they allow themselves to be carried away by emotions, by time and the different forms of forgetting.

Express what remains of the absent, the missing, the present, the places which were full of life and which are now abandoned, mental territories, writings, words which have been said, which have been read, dreamed images…

“What remains” in memories, in archives, what attests to a bygone or ruined past then gives rise to reconstructions, fictions, collections where the passage of time has dissipated its contours. Clouds and fog take precedence. Light or darkness takes over the image. Towards another idea, another form, another feeling. It is about the recomposition of a memory in that it includes symbolism and amplifications that are both linguistic and imaginary… between dream, unconscious and stopped time.

Christophe Bailleau (Fr/Be)

French pluridisciplinary artist (music but also short films/video, photography, soundtracks for theatre, dance, installations, writing…) based in Belgium, Christophe Bailleau has officiated for more than twenty years at the on the edge of electronica, acoustics, ambient, concrete music or even harsh noise (within the very radical duo PRISM), with around twenty solo releases, a lot of collaborative projects and participations in numerous compilations of experimental music.

Two years ago, IRM published the EP “Persistance”, a generous collection of collaborations (Paradise Now, Jules Nerbard, A Limb, Prism) of about forty minutes halfway between cosmic reverie and mystical trip, including the fantastic “Shooting Stars Can Last” (in partnership with Transcultures/Transonic-Pépinières européennes de Création) released on last year at Optical Sound (featuring some sound artists friends of his, such as Paradise Now, A Limb, Konejo, aMute,…) takes on a kind of continuity by further expanding the field of possibilities.

Dreamlike ambient and incantatory pop, mutant kosmische musik and cinematographic noise, contemplative drone and lyrical electronica collide with a real sense of narrative progression.


  • The “House 27” project is a production Transonic / Transcultures
  • With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
  • As part of the Transonic Sessions and City Sonic 20 Years