Mini Album | From one (sONic) world to another – Tommy Lawson (Tg/Fr) | Transonic Label (Be)

Mini Album | From one (sONic) world to another – Tommy Lawson (Tg/Fr) | Transonic Label (Be)

Mini Album | D'un monde (sONore) à l'autre - Tommy Lawson (Tg/Fr) | Transonic Label (Be)

This mini nomadic audio album is the selective phonographic transposition of the geolocalized sound journey “From one (sONic) world to another / D’un monde (sONore) à l’autre” presented, following a Transcultures/Pépinières européennes de Création  in La Louvière (Belgium), in June 2023 in as part of the ARTour Biennial of Contemporary Art and Heritage.

The sound artist and sound designer, Tommy Lawson (Fr) offers a rereading in a few tracks of these concrete or imaginary territories, of intermediate spaces, of elusive borders, of singular dimensions into which we plunge like an invisible witness in the middle of the action. This soundtrack, like a cinema for the ears, unfolds through atmospheres, clues, characterized spaces which connect us to a distant, fictional elsewhere. A summary of the experience initially conceived as a sonic wandering under headphones and which can now also be listened to, in digital album format.

“From one (sONic) world to another” is a dive between the different shots, different scenes to feel on the spot, at the center of the sonic action under construction and in permanent evolution.

From fragments and soundscapes, sounds and voices reach us and invite us to be close to our inner territories, beyond the sound traces that become embedded in the epidermis. The music, like a continuum, punctuates the action in different recomposed spaces, then it also becomes a character, in movement, to tell its own story.

Most of the sounds were recorded during strolls in La Louvière, from Place Mansart via the Passage de l’Éléphant Blanc and other nooks and crannies and up to Gilson Park to experience, like an initiatory journey, following in the footsteps of the multidisciplinary artist Pol Bury and his poet friend Achille Chavée in the unusual passages and alleys of this Walloon city, born in the second half of the 19th century following the industrial revolution.

Tommy Lawson (Tg/Fr)

Sound artist, sound designer, digital art performer. He is also a producer and curator of events for the promotion of electronic music. He develops projects combining electronic and electroacoustic music. Deeply attached to the idea of ​​transversality between the arts, he produces numerous music and soundtracks in collaboration with the plastic arts, video-art and contemporary dance. He develops in collaboration with Armand Lesecq tools for digital audio creations and computer lutherie in the field of sound spatialization. He regularly carries out geolocated sound walks towards the public in order to allow them to live an augmented sound experience in connection with the intangible heritage of a territory. He is at the initiative of the first video mapping carried out in Corsica with the Tunisian collective Design Lab on the occasion of the reopening of the Bastia museum in 2009 of a series of video mapping as part of the European Heritage Days.

In 2008, he created Zone Libre, a structure dedicated to creation, production and distribution through which he has organized the eponymous Festival of Sound Arts since 2019, between art, science and new technologies. This event of support for creation emphasizes the development of transdisciplinary and hypermedia experiences in the field of sound and visual arts.


  • Transcultures, Transonic Label – in partnership with the European Creation Nurseries
  • Special thanks to Benjamin Grenier/Transcultures and Éric Claus/ARTour
  • In the framework of City Sonic 20 Years
  • Photo cover and visuals : Tommy Lawson