Newsletter September 2013 #1 – City Sonic 2013

Newsletter September 2013 #1 – City Sonic 2013


For its eleventh edition in Mons, City Sonic focuses on the sound emergencies (young talents from Belgium and Europe). The opening starts with a guided touring of the itinerary by curator Philippe Franck, in the presence of the artists, from the site des Arbalestriers (Maison Folie) to the Salle Saint-Georges (Grand’ Place) and will end at the site des anciens Abattoirs for the official presentation and drink.

Featuring new installations by Claire Payement, Emmanuel Selva, :such:, Vivian Barigand, Romain Dimarcq, Arnaud Eeckhout, Christopher Fernandez, Martin Gugger + Aliette Salama + Teddy Larue + Paul Souviron, Jefta Hoekendijk, Daniel Palacios, Gautier Keyaerts + Christian Frisson + François Zajega (+ performance MashtaCycle 1.0 at 7.30pm)

Production : Transcultures, le manège.mons with the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Région Wallonne (tourism) and in partnership with la Ville de Mons. Projects Espace(s) Son(s) Hainaut(s) et Nomade is supported  by l’Union Européenne – Programme FEDER Interreg IV Wallonie-France-Vlanderen.

  • Start : Site des Arbalestriers, 1 rue du Gouvernement, Mons
  • City Sonic sound itinerary , 7.09 > 21.09, 12:00 > 18:00, City Sonic closed on Mondays
  • Free entrance

European night of young creation



Park in progress, a European project initiated by the European Pépinières for young artists, is associated to City Sonic#11 to start the festival with the ‘European night of young creation’, a series of short interdisciplinary and audio creations, as a result of the twenty artists interdisciplinary European residency: Rodolphe Alexis, Stéphane Kozik + Damien Pairon + Virag Arany + Julia Hadi, Stéphanie Laforce + Laurence Renson, Zahra Poonawala, Donald Abad+ Klaus Fruchtnis, Isa Belle + Paradise Now, Christophe Bailleau + Carmen Cruz + Greg Puren, Werner Moron, Sonia Paço Rocchia, Maurice Charles JJ + Gilles Peetermans, Cédric Sabato + Aurélien Giraudet, Mauro Vitturini. This event will give birth to the exhibition Sounds in progress from the 10th September at the Grande Halle (site des anciens Abattoirs) where some of these creations will be a part of the City Sonic itinerary.

Park in progress is a European mobility program that gets together young artists and young professionals of the cultural sphere who are involved in different steps of work’s production around a common project seeking an transdisciplinary experience. This European night of young creation will be followed by a groovy City Sonic Party (featuring DJ sets by Digital Carnival, DJ Whatever, DJ Belle Jeunesse) at la Vie est Belge (rue de la raquette).

Park in Progressis supported by l’Union Européenne – Programme Culture 2007-2013.

  • European night of the young creation
    06.09 – 20.30
  • Sounds in progress – 10.09 > 21.09 – Grande Halle
  • Site des anciens Abattoirs – 17 rue de la Trouille – Mons
  • Free entrance

Sonic Garden Party



For a few years, City Sonic offers with Sonic Garden Party to discover on a Sunday afternoon, original audio performances received in beautiful private gardens in the Belfry’s district. This intimate and friendly meeting with artists and guests will end with a cocktail offered. Resulting from an exchange between Rhizome Productions in Quebec for the literature part and Transcultures in Mons for the audio part, ‘Les Transatlantiques (long courrier)’ get together writers and audio artists from Belgium and Quebec. Four performances (around 20 minutes each) have been developed through exchanges until the live meeting, on stage in a first time at le Mois de la Poésie in March 2013 in Québec and in a second time for City Sonic in the garden of Mons with four surprising and inspired duets: Hervé Bouchard and Stephan Ink, Werner Moron and Erick d’Orion, Jean Marc Desgent and Gauthier Keyaerts, Sebastian Dicenaire and Martin Treteault.

Production : Rhizome Productions, Transcultures, le manège.mons. With support of Conseil des Arts du Québec, Conseil des Arts du Canada, Entente de Développent Ville de Québec – MCCQ, de Wallonie-Bruxelles International and Délégation du Québec at Brussels. Presentation in the frameworkof the crossborder platform for innovating musics Espace(s) Son(s) Hainaut(s), a project supported by funds of FEDER-Interreg IV France-Wallonie-Vlanderen.

  • Free entrance
  • Meeting point in front of the chapel 5, rue des Telliers – Mons