20-10 > 01-11-2014 – Park in progress#12 @ Huesca

20-10 > 01-11-2014 – Park in progress#12 @ Huesca

From late October to November 2nd, the city of Huesca (Aragon) hosts after Mons (at Festival City Sonic) in September and Nicosia (with ARTos Foundation) in October, the twelfth edition of the European nomadic project Park in progress (initiated by the European Pépinières for young artists and co-organised by Transcultures) which will be part of the festival Pereferias divided into three stages (with the Micronesia, Regen-sites and Periferias events).

At the heart of the city, twenty Spanish and international artists (including Mons multimedia artist Stéphane Kozik) are in residence to create new site specitfic transdisciplinary performances, installations, urban itinerary …) in several unusual spaces in the city, in connection with the theme of this edition of the festival Periferias which is “Fake.”


Park in progress is supported by the European Union Culture Program.