28 > 30-11-2014 – City Sonic @ Ars Musica + Concert Supernova

28 > 30-11-2014 – City Sonic @ Ars Musica + Concert Supernova

Invited by Bruno Letort, the new director of Ars Musica, who opens the doors of the festival to electronic hybrid music and adventurous audio creations, Transcultures present City Sonic installations readapted specifically for the context of the Refinery: Such: (“A tape end”), Isa Belle + Paradise Now (“Do Deca Etre”), Void (“At the border of sound”), Gauthier Keyaerts (“Fragments # 43-44”), Julien Sirjacq (“Nout variations”).

Supernova (Philippe Franck & Gauthier Keyaerts ) will give a electro-poetic-post-pop concert on November 28th in the framework of Présences électroniques Bruxelles, a great music event initiated by GRM (Musical Research Group, founded by Pierre Schaeffer in 1958) after the piece “Pop Eclectique” (1968) of Bernard Parmigiani (including Franck Podguze film portrait of the deceased composer Sur le temps, also screened at this beautiful evening) and before Kyzil trio (with Christian Zanési) and a set of electro-transforming artist Mark Fell (SND, Mego label).


A partnership Transcultures/City Sonic, Ars Musica et La Raffinerie/Charleroi Danses