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Pao Paixao – Fukushima, a Web Story

Pao Paixao – Fukushima, a Web Story

In December, Pao Paixao, film director, performer and intermedia artist complete his 3 months residency European Pépinières for young artists at Transcultures. The purpose of this residency in Mons is the exploration of the material and the construction of a narrative framework for the creation of a web documentary on the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

This essential material is drawn from the innumerable web documents (audio-visual-textual) and referenced by the automated standby twitter @Fukushima_Actu created by Jacques Urbanska in 2011 which is currently one of the most important source of information and reference on the web for everything about it. The exploration of this vast field is through a new version of Drush software (created in the framework of the european project M4M (m for Mobility)).

While the previous version would just randomly throw various rushes, the new version will make a preliminary analysis of the footage and will be able to classify automatically according to different criteria (eg. HSV values, internal speed video …) .dropoff window This project is developed in collaboration with the Numediart Institute (University of Mons) and its MediaCycle framework.

A work on the Multi projector projection is also planned to standardize the giant screen and eliminate the visible separation due to physical projectors. A research on the development of a textual corpus is also planned as well as a Web documentary due to be finalized in 2016.