18 > 21.03.2015 Transcultures @ Festival VIDEOFORMES 2015

18 > 21.03.2015 Transcultures @ Festival VIDEOFORMES 2015

For its thirtieth edition, the festival of digital and video arts Vidéoformes invites Transcultures for a special electronic night on March 19 with a selection of digital videos (Natalia de Mello, Stephanie Croibien, Christophe Bailleau, Jacques Urbanska + Paolo Dos Santos, Regis Cotentin) presented by Philippe Franck, an AV performance of the Belgian electro-post-pop duo Pastoral (creation) and a cinema performance ‘MOWN – Movies on my own’ by Ariane Looze (who plays all the roles of a site specific film she also directs and performs, whose plans are shot in the order of the final editing, allowing the viewer to follow the narrative thread that is being created).

On 20 March, the “BYOP (Bring your own project)’ evening invites all artists in the moving image, structures and partners of VIDEOFORMES to project their images on a huge screen to create a revealing and experimental mosaic. The soundtrack is composed /improvised live by Paradise Now (Brussels) who invited Christophe Bailleau to participate to share this evening and collaborative creation at the National School of Architecture of Clermont-Ferrand (ENSACF).

Jacques Urbanska will curate a Gif Art exhibition (showing the aesthetic and creative diversity of this form of network art) from March 19 to 21, in the central location of the festival. It will bring together dozens of works by international artists. On March 21st, the results of the Transnumériques Awards contest associated this year to Vidéoformes and the biennial ARTour (in La Louviere) and Mons2015 (for a final presentation at Transnumériques), will be presented in a convivial evening full of discoveries.


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