25.02.2016 – Conference Gilles Malatray – Soundwalking

25.02.2016 – Conference Gilles Malatray – Soundwalking

For a long time already, from Aristotle to Guy Debord, through Rousseau,Thoreau and Richard Long, artists and philosophers, walk through cities and countries to make a real way of being, thinking and creating. The years 70/80 saw the birth of the sound walks, summoning new readings and writings, which were sensitive to landscape, where aesthetics and ecology interact together regularly, according to the wanderings.

From this hisotry and and its specific forms of creations, Gilles Malatray (musician and specialist of the landscape, initator of the blog desartsonnants), highlights the close relationship between listening, art, environment, urban planning, architecture … The ‘listening walker’-artist poses a critical listening to the city, where the artistic gesture is for all those people, keen to preserve and develop a nice listening everyday.


Partnership Transcultures <> Faculté d’Archirecture et d’Urbanisme/UMons