11-09-2014 – Opening – City Sonic, International Sound Art Festival 2014

11-09-2014 – Opening – City Sonic, International Sound Art Festival 2014

Happy City Sonic & Park in progress@Mons 2014 !

On a peacefull September 11th City Sonic#12 will be lauched with the European Night for Young Creation, which also opens the tenth edition of the European nomadic project Park in progress. Before that great event, we’ll start the guided visit of the City Sonic itinerary on the site of the Arbalestriers featuring new installations created between Mons and Valenciennes within the platform for innovative music Espace(s) Son(s) Hainaut(s) and during workshops conducted with students of art schools (Arts²-Mons and ESA Saint-Luc, Brussels). We will also have a look at the Optical Sound window at La Médiathèque of Mons. Other made in City Sonic events are part of a unique programme starting with the Sonic Garden Party in private gardens the Belfry neighborhood, a Sonic Kids workshop and the first of this edition will be held Sept. 18 at the Library that will launch the new issue of Optical Sound. The rest of the special events of the festival are unveiled on citysonic.be (also broadcast online on Radio Sonic animated by Gilles Malatray & Zoé Tabourdiot) and in our next newsletter.

Happy City Sonic & Park in progress 2014!