26.05.2018 | Brussels Drone Day – Sound Art event

26.05.2018 | Brussels Drone Day – Sound Art event

This year, Brussels joins, for the first time, Drone Day International. Indeed, this event of  May 26th dedicated to the drone sound takes place all over the world bringing together researchers of the sensation of sound released from melody and rhythm creating a frame of new consciousness. The drone can indicate, in music, a long held or repeated sound with little harmonic variation; it is found in several contemporary minimalist approaches but also in some non-Western traditions.

On the initiative of Ariane Chesaux and Transcultures, the Brussels Drone Day brings together 6 artists from different backgrounds (Unda-Isa Belle and Ariane Chesaux intertwined singing bowls, gongs, bells and acoustic drones, Paradise Now – guitar/vocal/electronic soundscapes, Bimyoji, Frédéric Becker’s new project -flutes and machines, minimal reveries and electronic enchantments, Louis Favre – percussion and sound objects and a ceramist Giovanni Fortenio who will show a selection of original objects that he has designed also be manipulated to produce organic sounds.

Each participant will unfold on this theme his sonic universe in about twenty minutes before gathering the others at the end of the performance; It is about sharing a singular energy and stimulating the discovery of the inner worlds of both sound artists and participants, each living this immersion in sound.


Partenariat Voyage sonore – Transcultures